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Fabric 2018: New pumps, lights, saddles and more

Check out what's new from Fabric

Fabric has used the arrival of the popular Grinduro event in the UK to launch its latest range of new products. We sat down with company founder Nick Larsen to go through the highlights in the video above.

This year sees Fabric expanding some of its existing range, with new lights, pumps, brand new water bottles, a more affordable track pump and Scoop Sport saddle. Read on to get the full low down.

Most of these products will be available from September onwards.

Lumaray £24.99

Most interesting of all the new products is the new Lumaray. What’s really clever about the design is that it can be fitted to any Garmin computer mount, and a Garmin Edge can then be mounted on top of it. Alternatively, the Lumaray can be mounted underneath the mount.

fabric new products12.jpg

It was developed following a brief from Cannondale for a light that could be fitted to the new SystembarSystembar on the recently introduced new Synapse, but Fabric set out to develop a light that could be used on any bike with a Garmin mount. The beauty of the light is that it’s mounted centrally on the handlebar, doesn’t take up any handlebar space and can be fitted regardless of oddly shaped aero handlebars.

It’s intended primarily as a daytime running light, pumps out 30 lumens from a COB led with additional side visibility, and several modes to choose from providing a battery run time between 120 and 400 minutes It’s waterproof.

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  •  30 lumens
  • GPS device mounts directly to light
  • 270° visibility
  • Bright COB technology

Lumacell £17.49

Another new light is the Lumacell, a USB rechargeable light with a silicone strap that has been designed to easily fit any shape or diameter seatpost or seatstay and available in front and rear configurations. It’s injection moulded and completely sealed to the elements. A 30 lumen output via a COB strip LED provides an 180-degree range of visibility. It strikes us an ideal daytime running light, something that’s becoming a lot more popular at the moment, and ideal for daily commuting, simply whack it into a USB port on your office computer to charge it during the day before the ride home.

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  • Direct USB rechargeable
  • 30 lumen COB led
  • 180° visibility
  • Sold as Front / Rear / Pair

Scoop Sport £29.99

Fabric is most famous for its saddles, and the Scoop is arguably one of the most popular saddles on the market thanks to the clean design, a unique three-piece construction with a flexible nylon base and vacuum bonded upper, and a comfort, with a range of shapes basedond a simple fit system that comes down to how upright or not your riding position is.

fabric new products11.jpg

The Scoop Sport is the most affordable Scoop ever produced, made possible thanks to a new manufacturing technique that uses a polypropylene base, instead of the nylon on the regular and more expensive Scoop saddles, but retaining the same vacuum bonded upper and three piece construction. It’s intended to make owning a Scoop saddle more accessible obviously, and Fabric reckons it’s lighter than any other saddle at double the price, even with the steel rails. You can have it in any colour as long as it’s black.

  • Steel rails
  • Radius profile
  • Suitable for all types of riding

Acubar Pressure Gauge £44.99

This isn’t a product really aimed at the road market, it’s intended mainly for mountain bike tyres, but we reckon it’ll be useful for cyclocross and adventure bikes where tyre pressures are low.


It’s a highly precise pressure gauge, accurate to within 0.5psi, and can be used with any regular pump, Fabric or otherwise, and operates between 0 and 40psi. As well as being connected to a track or mini pump, it can be used on its own with a dump valve to precisely obtain the desired tyre pressure after first inflating the tyre above 40psi. The accuracy is provided by the high quality steel springs inside, the result of Fabric challenging its manufacturing partner to produce the highest and most consistent quality possible.

  • Optimised for high-volume tyres
  • Can be used as a stand along product
  • 0.5psi increments with superior 1% accuracy

Picobar pump £19.99

Fabric branched out into the world of pumps not so long ago, and its latest addition is the Picobar. It’s basically designed to be as light and simple as possible, the design is as simple as it gets, and weighs just 64g using an aluminium barrel, no plastic here like you get with many pumps in this price range. It has a fixed head compatible only with presta valves and a dust cap to stop dirt ingress.

fabric new products10.jpg
  • Simple, minimalist lightweight pump
  • Sandblasted aluminium
  • For high pressure tyres
  • Presta valve only

Stratosphere Sport track pump £30

Intended to offer a more affordable version of its premium track pumps, the new Stratosphere Sport track pump costs just £30 but definitely feels and looks more expensive than it actually is. The low price is down to the simple design but Fabric has prioritised the base, handle and gauge to ensure there’s the best quality where it’s most needed, and some standardised parts are used internally to offer extra value. It’s available in white or black, the latter certainly looks the business if a track pump can be described in such a manner.

fabric new products7.jpg
  • Locks onto valve
  • Long flexible hose
  • Hi pressure + Hi volume
  • 160psi

Fabric Gripper water bottle £9.99


You may remember Fabric launched the innovative Cageless water bottle concept a few years ago? Well it has now added traditional water bottles to the range. A bottle is a bottle right? Not until you try the new Gripper. The plastic that Fabric has used gives the bottle a very squeezable feel and a dimpled texture around the top ensures it’s not going to easily slip out of your hand when retrieving from the bottle cage. The silicone nozzle is easy to operate with your mouth on the move and delivers big load of water with every squirt, and the wide mouth opening makes it easy to clean and add energy powder. Sizes available include 600 and 750ml.

  • 600ml / 750ml
  • Textured top section for grip
  • New cap design
  • BPA free
  • Easy flow / Wide mouth

That’s all for now. We’ll have some first ride reviews on the new Fabric products once you’ve put them through their paces at the Grinduro event on Saturday.

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(Photos ©  Russell Burton)

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fenix | 7 years ago

Loving the Lumaray. Very clever use of space. 

RobD | 7 years ago
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Is that the correct picture for the track pump? if so I'll definitely be ordering one as they look very smart.

I really like fabric products, I've got a scoop from when they were still sold under the Charge brand, it's great. They seem to put a little bit more thought and effort into their products than some brands and the pricing seems more real world.

mookie | 7 years ago
0 likes, not

David Arthur @d... replied to mookie | 7 years ago

mookie wrote:, not


thanks, corrected 

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