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Tour Tech 2017: Thibaut Pinot's new Lapierre Aircode SL

New aero bike breaks cover at Tour de France, here's what we know about it

French climbing talent Thibaut Pinot has got a brand new bike to ride at the Tour de France. His FDJ team is sponsored by French bike brand Lapierre and it appears to have a new Aircode SL in the wings. We've previously ridden the Aircode when it was launched back in 2014, but this Aircode SL is a new bike. 

It hasn't actually been launched yet, so we have no official details to share with you. We can guess from the SL that it's a lighter version of the previous bike, with the weight of aero bikes coming down all the time. That'll appeal to a rider who springs to life when the road points up. 

Thibaut Pinot Lapierre Aircode SL - 6.jpg

It looks like the aero shaping of the frame has been updated as well. The biggest change is around the seat tube area, with much deeper tube profiles that will be intended to smooth airflow between the legs. There's a similar fork as before with the brakes, now direct mount at both ends, recessed into the fork. There's also the same sort of treatment at the top of the head tube, providing a lower front end position for improved aero because lower means a smaller frontal surface area.

Thibaut Pinot Lapierre Aircode SL - 9.jpg

It looks like comfort has been a design factor, judging by this seatpost design  - notice what appears to be a cutout in the very top? 

Away from the frame and fork, the bike is decked out with the latest Dura-Ace Di2, with the SRM power meter meaning a previous generation Dura-Ace crankset. There are the latest Dura-Ace C60 wheels with Continental tyres, and a PRO finishing kit, comprising a Vibe aluminium handlebar and Vibe aero stem. Fizik sponsors the team and Pinot opts for the long and flat Arione. 

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