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Rehook aims to make refitting a dropped chain easy

Never get your hands mucky again with this simple tool for refitting a dropped chain

Are you fed up with getting oily hands when the chain drops off your bike? There’s now a gadget for that, the Rehook, a simple tool that is designed solely to refit your chain when it drops off the crankset. 

In an ideal world, of course, the chain would never derail but it does happen from time to time, it even happens to the world’s best professional cyclists. 

Rehook, launched at the end of last year and originally 3D printed the tool, but it is now made in greater quantities by injection moulding in the UK, is aimed at making it super easy to get the chain back on the crankset, all while keeping your hands and fingers clean. Perfect.

You could make do with an Allen tool or tyre lever to get the chain back on, but Rehook is designed to make it much easier and simpler. The lever has a hook on the end to pull the chain into place, and the handle keeps your hand away from the oily chain. 

A silicone strap attaches the Rehook to your bicycle frame so it’s always there when you need it, and it only weighs 20g. 

The company is hoping there’s a market for the Rehook, and is in the process of launching into bicycle shops around the UK. You can also buy it online through the company’s website. It costs £12.99. Check it out at

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