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DT Swiss launches the ‘pinnacle of aluminium wheels’ with new PR 1400 Dicut OXiC

DT Swiss introduces new ceramic rims with tubeless compatibility and 1,435g weight

‘The pinnacle of aluminium wheels’ is the bold claim DT Swiss is making for its brand new PR 1400 Dicut OXiC wheels.

They weigh 1,435g and the tubeless compatible rim is the first to be treated with the company’s OXiC ceramic coating, which it claims to provide improved braking performance in all conditions and won’t wear out over the normal lifespan of a wheelset.

This OXiC coating, which DT Swiss says is environmentally friendly, is electrochemically applied to the rim surface. Ceramic rim technology isn’t anything new, Mavic used to sell the excellent Open Pro Ceramic which had many fans due to its durability. 

New DT Swiss PR 1400 Dicut OXiC wheels.png

DT Swiss its treatment is able to deform with the rim so there’s no chance of the coating become detached from the rim if it's dented following an impact, as could happen with Mavic’s ceramic rims. The finish also won’t fade in the sun.

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Here’s a more detailed explanation of the process from DT Swiss:

“The ceramic layer is achieved similarly to anodizing, by submerging the rim in an electrolyte solution while applying an electrical tension between the rim as one electrode and the container as the other. The decisive difference between anodizing and OXiC lies in the millions of plasma discharges that occur between the electrolyte and the rim, applying high temperature and pressure on the developing oxide layer. Due to that, the developing oxide layer melts, flows and solidifies again. During this process the amorphous (not aligned) structure of the oxide converts to a crystalline (aligned) one. This is why OXiC is so hard and wear resistant.”

So now you know. 

dt swiss PR 1400 Dicut OXiC3.jpg

The rims measure 18mm internally and 21.5mm externally, with a 21mm depth. They’re laced to DT Swiss Dicut hubs with 240s internals and a 36t ratchet system in the freehub, for quick engagement. DT aero comp spokes are used in each wheel, 20 radially laced in the front and 24 in a 2-cross pattern in the rear wheel.

They’re tubeless compatible, which will please fans of tubeless technology, and supplied with a MilKit tubeless kit.  

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At 1,435g - 635g for the front and 800g for the rear - the wheels are certainly light, but the caveat is the 110kg rider weight limit that DT Swiss has slapped on them.

Finally, they cost £799.98 for the pair and should be available very soon. We’ve got a pair coming to the office to test so we can put them through their paces. More at

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