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Is this the poshest bicycle lock you’ve ever seen?

New Abus Bordo Centium lock arrives in a fancy wooden box

A wooden box arrived in the office earlier this week. What’s inside it, everyone wondered? Was it some fancy cheese? A bottle of wine, perhaps? Nope, it contained a bicycle lock, the Abus Bordo Centium. 

Abus Bordo Centium - box.jpg

Yup, that’s right, the latest product from lock specialist Abus is sold in a wooden gift box. Very fancy. Why we’re not really sure, but it would make a great, if slightly disappointing, Christmas or birthday present. 

Abus Bordo Centium - box open.jpg

The Abus Bordo Centium is a £99.99 folding lock made from stainless steel with a hinged designed that allows it to fold up very small when not in use, and expand to 90cm when you need to lock your bike up. It’s made from 5mm rotating steel plates, finished with a leather effect to add a vintage appearance, secured with steel pins. 

Abus Bordo Centium - lock.jpg

The design allows you to thread the lock around and through your bike, ideal for confined spaces. When not in use, the Abus Bordo Centium can be strapped to the frame of the bike using a steel bracket with leather straps. The locking mechanism, the Abus Plus Cylinder, has a dust cover to protect the keyhole. 

Abus Bordo Centium - lock unfolded.jpg

Abus has been making the Bordo in Germany for 12 years, and is proud of the product, and this latest version is aimed at style conscious cyclists. 

Abus Bordo Centium - detail.jpg

“Nowadays, more and more people are expressing their individuality through their bike. It is a key mode of transportation, especially in urban areas, while at the same time representing a certain outlook on life – one that is particularly conscious of style and aesthetics. With the Bordo Centium, ABUS provides this generation of cyclists a modern benchmark of folding locks.”

Abus Bordo Centium - frame mount.jpg

The Abus Bordo Centium lock is pitched as providing “good protection at medium theft risk” and comes with the Sold Secure Silver rating. More info at

David worked on the tech team from 2012-2020. Previously he was editor of and before that staff writer at RCUK. He's a seasoned cyclist of all disciplines, from road to mountain biking, touring to cyclo-cross, he only wishes he had time to ride them all. He's mildly competitive, though he'll never admit it, and is a frequent road racer but is too lazy to do really well. He currently resides in the Cotswolds, and you can now find him over on his own YouTube channel David Arthur - Just Ride Bikes

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tritecommentbot | 8 years ago

Quite surprised at the silver rating. Looks like it'd snap at any hinge easily. Must be much more robust than it looks in the pics. Definitely a good looking piece of kit!

Ratfink replied to tritecommentbot | 8 years ago
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unconstituted wrote:

Quite surprised at the silver rating. Looks like it's snap at any hinge easily. Must be much more robust than it looks in the pics. Definitely a good looking piece of kit!

The gold rated and not so posh version that costs exactly the same price didn't last too long against bolt croppers in this bike radar test.

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