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British Cycling teases new Cervelo track bike ahead of Rio Olympics

Is this the bike Team GB will race at the upcoming Olympics?

The countdown to the Rio Olympics is on and today British Cycling has teased us with a first glimpse at the new track bike Team GB will be racing, and which it hopes will give them an advantage over the competition.

The new bike has been revealed (well, some of it) in a video on Twitter today. The extremely short video shows a Cervelo track bike - the team is sponsored by the Canadian bike brand and has been riding its current T4 track bike this year. 

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Very little is known about the new bike, the team is famously very secretive about its equipment. While little detail can be extracted from the short video, it does appear there's nothing as radical as Felt's new Olympic track bike, with the drivetrain on the left side of the bike.  

If the team does actually ride this new Cervelo, it'll mark a shift from the UK Sports Institute developed track bikes we've been so used to seeing over the past few years.  The new model will likely benefit from the development of that bike, however, and we should expect some impressive aerodynamic claims for the revamped frame. 

We'll update this story as soon as we find out more.


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joules1975 | 8 years ago

Nice to see what appears to be 3k carbon used in a sensible manner - i.e. not simply stuck over the top of everything to either provide a cosmetic layor or to compensate for poor basic design. The way it's wrapped around the base of the head tube and taken back a little over the top/down tube join makes a lot of sense for this type of bike.

tritecommentbot | 8 years ago
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Can't even see it.


Want it anyway.

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