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Bike with interchangeable and flexible down tube seeks Kickstarter funding

Alter Cycles launch flexible down tube bicycle on Kickstarter

Ever wondered if the solution to providing a smoother ride would be a flexible down tube? And better still, make it removable so it can be tuned to different rider weight? That’s the idea behind the Reflex Sport 100 from US bicycle brand Alter Cycles, which hopes to raise $29,000 to put this bike into production, which will cost $749.

We’ve actually written about the unique Alter Cycles before when back in 2013 the company first debuted the concept at Interbike, the Las Vegas bike show. Since then, it appears the company has been making bikes and now hopes to put the new and more affordable Reflex Sport 100 into production. 

So what is it then? The bike resembles any normal bike, but the key difference is the down tube. A specially designed curved tube is made from steel and it's designed to flex, which allos the frame to absorb vibrations and impacts. It calls this ARC (Active Frame Construction) Technology.

alter cycles 3.jpg

The down tube is available in three grades of flexiness so you can tune the bike to your preference or for rider weight. It’s also available in seven colours providing some customisation. It’s designed to be easily and quickly removed and a new down tube connected. The company says it has shaped the top tube with a bioval profile to improve lateral stiffness. 

The technology is built into a flat bar city bike designed for urban cycling and commuting, with a geometry intended to provide an upright riding position. The frame is made from aluminium and features a steel fork and Shimano Altus groupset with 38mm tyres. 

And yes it’ll be available in the UK with just the extra shipping costs to pay. Provided the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the new bike will be available in July. If you’re quick, you can get a super early bird bike for $550. Here's the Kickstarter campaign.

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