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veloToze adds rubber helmet cover to range

It’s a rubber cover for your helmet. And it’s got dimples for added aero pleasure

Ever since Mark Cavendish won the world championships in 2012 wearing a helmet covered with a thin plastic film to improve aerodynamics, helmet covers and aero helmets have become hugely popular. But British cyclists have realised covered helmets are also pretty handy for dealing with inclement weather. 

veloToze, makers of rubber overshoes, has added a Helmet Cover to its growing range. It’s primarily intended to provide protection from wind and rain, ideal for the currently unpredictable weather.

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“veloToze Helmet Cover is designed for cycling on cold or rainy days. Whether it’s race day, training day or just another commute day, veloToze Helmet Cover will help you ride more comfortably,” says the company. 

velotoze 2.jpg

The company says it provides a waterproof and windproof barrier and is ideal for cool spring mornings. It’s easy to remove if the weather improves during a long ride. It packs up small so can be stashed in a jersey pocket. At a claimed 45g it’s lightweight.

Not only does it keep rain and the wind out of a well-ventilated helmet, the company reckons it can reduce drag. The material creates a form-fitting shape and dimples are positioned along the centre section, much like a certain wheel manufacturer uses on its rims.

Is it easy to fit? veloToze has produced this short installation film. 

It costs $22 (we’re waiting on a UK price) and comes in one size and two colours, red or black. More at

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