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10 stunning wooden bikes

Lovely lumber from the Berlin Bike Show

You don’t often see wooden bikes out on the roads – if at all – but they’re always cool to look at. Here’s a bunch we spotted at last weekend’s Berliner Fahrradschau bike show in Germany.

Coh&Co Gustav

Berlin Bike Show 2016 wooden - 1.jpg

Denmark’s Coh&Co makes a couple of wooden bikes, this one being the Gustav. 

Berlin Bike Show 2016 wooden - 2.jpg

“Gus is a lightweight wood and carbon composite frame offering a lively and vivid ride with steep angles that keeps you forward and on your toes,” according to Coh&Co. “Fitted with drop bars and Gevenalle 10-speed parts, you will be treated with the most genuine ride on the road.”

Berlin Bike Show 2016 wooden - 3.jpg

Prices start at around €2,700 (about £2,133)

Aceteam Slim Wooden E-Bike

Berlin Bike Show 2016 wooden - 5.jpg

This e-bike is made of ash and is driven by either a FlyKly SmartWheel or a 
Zehus Bike+ hub

It’s priced at €4,280 (around £3,380).


Kiem Cycles

Berlin Bike Show 2016 wooden - 6.jpg

Keim Cycles makes its stunning bikes from white ash. 

Berlin Bike Show 2016 wooden - 7.jpg

They are made to measure and tailored to the spec you want.


Materia Bikes

Materia makes a whole range of wooden frames.

Berlin Bike Show 2016 wooden - 8.jpg

This one is the Fixed Gear Wudu.

Berlin Bike Show 2016 wooden - 9.jpg

This is the Cruiser.

Berlin Bike Show 2016 wooden - 10.jpg

And this one is the Gusto city bike


Crazy chopper-style bike

Berlin Bike Show 2016 wooden - 4.jpg

Ah yeah, this mad thing! I think it’s a promo tool belonging to Melon Helmets. There’s a lot of heft going on here, and not much pedal clearance, although we’re guessing that it’s never going to get ridden far anyway.

NaturRad Buffalo

Yes, we know that bamboo isn’t wood, it’s grass, but you try fitting that into a headline. NaturRad says that the complete Buffalo pictured here weighs 9.8kg (21.6lb)

Berlin Bike Show 2016 wooden - 14.jpg

As well as frames, NaturRad makes wooden handlebars in loads of different styles.


My Boo My Densu

My Boo bikes come from Ghana where they’re produced through the Yonso Project, “an aspiring social project dedicated to expanding educational and economic opportunities.”

Berlin Bike Show 2016 wooden - 16.jpg

The My Densu is designed as a sportive road bike and it’s priced at €2,290 (about £1,808) in a mainly Shimano Sora build. The claimed weight is 11.5kg (25.4lb).

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Alan Southern | 8 years ago

I remember seeing in the Birmingham Science Museum 50 years ago a home-made bike  that had been made in Africa.  It had a standard frame similar to a sit up and beg style, two wheels (with spokes), a saddle, tyres and a chain, all made of wood, cord and leather.  I don't know whether it was capable of being ridden!  I don't know what the Museum did with it because it is not now on display at their new site.

henrypurcell | 8 years ago

Excuse my ignorance Paddy, but how do you take photo of bike standing in garden with no visible support?

vinnn replied to henrypurcell | 8 years ago

henrypurcell wrote:

Excuse my ignorance Paddy, but how do you take photo of bike standing in garden with no visible support?

Notice that the non-drive side pedal is resting on an upside-down glass.

That said you can take photos of bikes with no visible support quite easily if you have an assistant. The assistant will do their best to stand out of shot but holds the bike upright. The assistant quickly, temporarily moves their arm out of shot for the take and grabs the bike again before it falls over.
I suppose you could also do this without an assistant if you have a tripod, remote shutter and a bit of planning & patience.

Mat Brett | 8 years ago

Great looking bike Paddy.


Paddy Williams | 8 years ago

There are some nice designs in here, but I reckon my gorgeous Renovo Odysseus is prettier and a more enjoyable ride than all of these. It took a long time to be handmade and delivered from the US, but it's jaw-droppingly beautiful in hickory and walnut and handles like a dream. I've built it up to about 8kg, with enve forks, full ultegra 11spd g/s and wheels with a Brooks saddle, an awesome St Bernard-style saddle-bag and leather bar tape.

Chris | 8 years ago
1 like

Bamboo's the way to do it.

So satisfying building your own custom frame, and you don't need to be able ot weld!

mike the bike | 8 years ago

There is something going on here, for me at least.  The idea that an ordinary person, using only hand tools, could make a bike frame is just fundamentally right.  It should be more common and I hope it grows.

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