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Kinesis Aithein Disc unveiled

A brand new disc race bike (that you can't race) added to UK company’s range

British brand Kinesis UK has been increasing its quota of disc-equipped road bikes in the past year, and it has snuck another new one onto its slick new website: the Aithein Disc.

The Aithein, launched a couple of years ago, has a claimed weight of just 1,041g. That makes it one of the lightest aluminium frames you can buy, and very nearly as light as some jolly expensive carbon fibre frames.

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Kinesis Aithein Disc 3.jpg

Building on that success, and with increasing demand for disc brakes on race bikes, Kinesis has unleashed the Aithein Disc. Even though such bikes can’t actually be raced, there are cyclists still wanting the performance and fit of a race bike, but with the benefits disc brakes.

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The new Aithein Disc has a claimed 1,300g frame weight (for a 53cm), so a bit of a weight increase on account of the addition of the disc caliper mounts, and a likely beefing up of some of the tubing in key areas. The new frame also accepts up to 28mm tyres as well.

Kinesis Aithein Disc 3.jpg

Kinesis also says it’s has “tuned” the geometry to make it more stable. A 56cm frame has a 1005mm wheelbase, 68mm bottom bracket drop, 72-degree head angle, 550mm top tube and 405mm chainstays.

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A cold forged rear disc mount accepts the new flat mount caliper design, and an adapter for post mount brakes and 160mm rotors is provided. It has developed a new fork with a full carbon fibre design with internal hose routing and a claimed weight of 450g.

Kinesis Aithein Disc 2.jpg

The gears cables are now internally routed (they’re external on the regular Aithein) and even the rear brake is concealed within the frame. It’s Di2 ready as well, as is required of most top-end frames these days.

Like the regular Aithein, the new version has a 31.6mm seatpost and quick releases at both axles. The rear wheel spacing is 135mm and the bottom bracket is a BSA threaded 68mm type.

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Kinesis is offering the new frame in five sizes (47-59cm) and two colours anodised black and metallic blue.

Kinesis Aithein Disc 1.jpg

The Aithein is available from 5th November and costs £749.99 for the frameset. We’ll get more details and a closer look at this new bike soon.

More at the company's shiny new website

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