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Could this be the most comfortable saddle you’ve never tried?

Odd shaped saddle with an adjustable air bladder could be the performance comfort saddle you’ve been looking for

Struggle with saddle discomfort? A lot of cyclists do. Finding the right saddle can be a nightmare, there are just so many shapes and sizes to choose from. Here’s another saddle to add to your list if you’re on the search for the answer to your comfort prayers.

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US company 3 West Designed used Kickstarter last year to get funding for its Reprieve saddle, which is successfully managed, and now it is going into production, and will be available from December. The saddle will cost $185 and has a target weight of 290g.

Reprieve saddle 2.jpg

The Reprieve has an odd looking shape. The nose of the saddle has a 3/4in drop from the rear of the saddle, and there’s something a little strange going on in the nose that we haven’t seen anywhere else before.

Reprieve saddle 4.jpg

It’s the Active Surface, an adjustable air bladder that stretches from the middle of the saddle to the nose. The air bladder is designed to avoid sensitive areas being pressed against a hard surface.The aid bladder is adjustable, you can add or remove air using a valve underneath the saddle.

Meanwhile, the rear of the saddle, the part that the sit bones are in contact with, is firm to provide support during pedalling. “The shape allows the sit bones to absorb the majority of your weight.  It also allows the perineal area to keep its shape, touching nothing until the sit bones rest on the saddle,” says the company.

It's certainly a strange looking saddle, but we'd be willing to give it a go because, you never know, it might just work. 

The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee so you can at least try it safe in the knowledge that should you not get on with it, you can return it. Interested? Head over to for more info.

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