If style counts then these are the gloves for you
Knog Love Hate Gloves
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As the song says it's a thin line between love and hate and I have to confess the the Knog Love Hate gloves induce mixed emotions in this tester – probably more joy and pain though than actual love or hate.

First impression were good - these are very cool looking gloves, and who wouldn't warm to the playful Love spelt out in individual stiched on leather letters across the knuckles of their left hand – and hate is even more fun on the right… but they do have their drawbacks, (aside from being a tad camp that is – although that could just be me), but we'll come on to those in a moment.

So the upsides?

They're leather – which is cool, they're black – which is cool, they say love and hate on them - which is fun and cool in a knowingly camp sort of a way. Oh, and a biggie, they are very well-priced for a pair of leather mitts.

And the downsides?

The sizing is not very reliable, i've got small hands and these were mediums which should have been too big instead they were too tight – so much so that they nearly cut the circulation off to my right hand on the first big ride I did in them… and that was after a couple of weeks wearing them in. They did stretch in the end and do become like a second skin, but they were VERY uncomfortable till they did, but even now on long days Love hurts.

The finish is a tad hit and miss with loose threads pretty soon appearing around the ends of the fingers and the sewing around the letters in love and hate  a bit wonky too – although you could argue that adds charm… and they're only £25. The worst bit though is the big fat seams on the inside between the fingers - once you've poured a lot of sweat in to them these do soften up but not so to the extent that they are totally comfortable on a long ride even after a a few months.

The design: it's basic - lettering aside, minimalist even. That's certainly the case with the padding across the palm and base of your thumb – although nature will provide soon enough either pumping up any cycling calluses you've already got or giving you a new set all of your very own. Basically protection apart from the leather material itself - which does wear in well itself is minimall.

That minimalism also extents to no snot wipe – unless the slime trail look that suggests a slug has just crawled around your glove is one you favour. And even if you do think that's a good look you'll snag your nose on those sewn on letters. Plus the oval cut out back section, yes you get a lovely old school roadie oval tan line on the back of your hand, but there's no brow mopping potential in that.

And the upside again?

And yet, and yet… they are very cool aren't they? Even after all that I still liked them, they made me smile, more often when I wasn't wearing them than when I was admitedly. They are fun and if you they fit you probably not a bad road glove or round town summer commuter. The leather is soft and hard-wearing and properly looked after you would get plenty of wear out of them, on the road especially with badded bar tape once, those seams aside they are pretty comfortable. But don't kid yourself there are plenty of way better cycling mitts out there and some even cost less too – they just don't look quite as good.


If style counts then these are the gloves for you

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TheHatter [770 posts] 8 years ago

I've got these and rarely wear them as I had the same problem with the sizing. I sent back a pair of mediums for being a little on the small size but the large replacements were barely any different. I thought they'd stretch but they haven't done.
I do think they look great though ...and camp? dahling please!

Tony Farrelly [2949 posts] 8 years ago

yeah, but you get away with it in that boater…

Which reminds me, remember the Eurobike Caption competition.


you won. Choice of eurobike schwag is: some Knog lights or some Gore Rideon cables.

Your call

dave atkinson [6384 posts] 8 years ago

heh. to great fanfare!  1 1 1

TheHatter [770 posts] 8 years ago

 1 nice one Tony, I'd forgotten all about that. I could do with the knog lights.