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Speeding motorcyclist smashes into cyclist in shocking footage

The video from Colombia shows a motorcyclist race up the inside of an HGV, colliding with a cyclist riding on the hard shoulder

A video doing the rounds on social media shows the shocking moment a motorcyclist speeds up the inside of an HGV in Colombia, smashing into a cyclist riding along the hard shoulder.

Information from the crash scene, believed to be on Sunday, suggests both the cyclist and motorcyclist escaped serious injury, the former was pictured shortly afterwards sat on a wall at the side of the busy road between the capital Bogotá and La Vega.

The bicycle rider had been violently knocked off when the motorcyclist, part of one of the many groups who reportedly travel the route at high speeds, undertook an HGV and collided with the rider using the hard shoulder. The motorcyclist then took out another member of their group who was also uninjured.

Footage from a cyclist passing the scene shortly after shows the motorcyclists' damaged bikes lying further up the road as another group of bikers speeds past.

According to Colombian national newspaper El Tiempo, so far this year 473 people have been killed in traffic incidents in Bogotá — 75 of those cyclists and 200 motorcyclists — and the shocking nature of the video has prompted calls for action on road safety.

One local rider said little is done to stop speeding motorcyclists in the area, to the point where he has stopped riding on the road where the crash happened due to the danger. 

"And next Sunday they will be back, nothing is going to happen," Andrés Felipe Vergar said. "As for me, for years I have reduced my training in this way. A pity as it is a very good place to train, but on several occasions I experienced situations like yesterday [Sunday]."

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Secret_squirrel | 1 year ago

Saw (and commented on) this on twitter.

Of course it being twitter there were a minority who instantly denounced motorcylists everywhere as cyclist murderers who should all be banned.....

One guy in particular was at pains to say he only meant *these* motorcylists - only to regeneralise again to all motorcyclists in the next sentence.

Language is important.  It both reflects and shapes our thinking.

OldRidgeback replied to Secret_squirrel | 1 year ago
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Yep, I saw this on Twitter and commented on it there too. Some of the other comments were very annoying. I ride a motorbike as well as being a cyclist. Only a moron would ride a motorbike like that guy. Luckily, most don't.

AidanR | 1 year ago

Madness. The the speed that the later group of motorcyclists come through the debris (and very close to the group of cyclists) in the later video is terrifying.


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