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Derbyshire Police share video of cyclist fined for jumping red light — insist "cyclists must stop"

"Cyclists must stop for red traffic lights like other vehicles. He was stopped and issued a ticket."...

Derbyshire Police took to Twitter to insist "cyclists must stop for red traffic lights", sharing this video of a rider pedalling through a crossing in Darley Dale.

One of the force's Roads Policing Unit vehicles was waiting at the lights in the town north of Matlock when the solo rider came past, prompting them to turn around in pursuit of the red light jumper.

The rider was subsequently stopped and issued a ticket, with the Roads Policing Unit warning others: "Cyclists must stop for red traffic lights like other vehicles. This is so that pedestrians can cross safely.

"This pedal cyclist was spotted in Darley Dale riding at speed through a red light at a pedestrian crossing. He was stopped and issued a ticket."

The social media footage comes days after police in Hackney posted on Twitter, saying they had sent 14 officers to catch red light jumping cyclists in the London borough, slapping 18 riders with £50 fines during the 90-minute operation.

The officers were there as part of Operation ‘Vision Zero’, London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s bid to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on the capital’s roads.

> Police in Hackney catch 18 red light jumping cyclists in 90 minutes

Some questioned the Metropolitan Police's use of resources, although the reaction to Derbyshire Police's video was generally more supportive.

The video did, however, spark the usual comments about licence plates, insurance and accountability for cyclists, prompting some to question why a mode of transport can trigger such rage.

One user responded to the largely celebratory response to Derbyshire Police's action: "I knew what the comments would look like here - there are more positions to take about cyclists than generally supportive or absolute disgust. Why not be generally courteous and ambivalent like most people are about most other forms of transport?"

Another questioned if sharing the video, and the subsequent reaction, would make the roads more dangerous for those on two wheels: "Does every car that goes over the speed limits get stopped? Does every car that fails to indicate get stopped? Yes, this is wrong but it’s going to lead to more people being aggressive towards cyclists. I no longer feel safe even riding on the road."

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