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Dashcam footage catches car passenger shoving 15-year-old off his bike

Same man then pushed the boy’s friend but no arrests have been made

A motorist’s dashcam has captured footage of the moment the moment a 15-year-old boy was pushed off his bike by a man in a passing car. The same man then reportedly did the same thing to the boy’s friend.

The Metro reports that the boy was riding along Sheep House Lane, in Rivington, near Bolton, at about 8pm on August 18 when the incident took place.

The boys suffered grazed elbows and shins and one suffered a sprained ankle. They were treated by an off-duty doctor who had also been cycling on the road.

Speaking on Wednesday, a Lancashire Police spokesperson said: “We had a third-party report at about 9pm last night from a witness who had seen a vehicle drive up to two cyclists and push them off their bikes before driving off.”

They added that no arrests had yet been made.

One of the boys’ mothers said: “I feel very sad the way society is going. I feel shocked, disgusted. All the emotions went through my head last night. It’s horrible to think that you go for a nice day out and they were so happy.

“I’ve not slept much thinking about it; the consequences could have been so much worse. It could have been fatal. I was panicking as I was driving [to get him]; I thought the worst. I thought he had been hit by a car but found out he had been pushed purposely.”

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leqin | 3 years ago
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Surely this was down to road design - I cannot think of anythingelse that would cause such events to happen and am relieved that our diligent hard working police force can avoid wasting its valuable time investigating a event as if it was a possible murder when in reality the whole thing was caused by some suit sat in a office doodling road layouts on a sheet of A4 with a pencil.

mplo replied to leqin | 3 years ago

The driver that shoved a 15 year old cyclist off his bicycle really did act in a dangerous, vicious fashion, and deserves to have his license pulled for awhile., as well as being tried for, charged with and imprisoned for assault.  

ChrisB200SX | 3 years ago

Not only did these twunts assault two children, causing them injuries, you may notice from the video that the driver nearly has a high-speed head-on collision with a motorcyclist during the process!
These reckless and dangerous thugs need to be found and removed from society as soon as possible.

Titanus replied to ChrisB200SX | 3 years ago

*I'll plug in my warrier keyboard

I wish they were dead. I mean the driver and the pusher of the cyclists, not the cyclists themselves. Just how much of a cunt do you have to be to do what is shown in the video? A complete one.  Lets pay Halfpenny or Farrel to score a drop goal with these scrotes balls.

Realistically these pieces of scum will likely get away with it.

ibr17xvii | 3 years ago

Local to me so I know the road well, truly sickening footage.

Makes a change for Lancashire Constabulary to be interested, IME they usually aren't although not even they can ignore this.

Thank God the dashcam footage was available.

geomannie 531 | 3 years ago

Thanks all for your heads up on the nature of SocratiCyclist. I will henceforth ignore the troll.

cdamian replied to geomannie 531 | 3 years ago
geomannie 531 wrote:

Thanks all for your heads up on the nature of SocratiCyclist. I will henceforth ignore them troll.

Blocking people in comments might be a nice subscription perk.

mplo replied to geomannie 531 | 3 years ago
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I don't think I'd call SocratiCyclist a troll.  He's got some legitimate points.  I'm not saying that there are no bad drivers out there, because there are plenty of them, even here in the United States.  I am saying, however, that, having seen plenty of cyclists do dangerously stupid things that also put them at risk of injury or death (such as weaving in and out of traffic, running red lights, going the wrong way down one-way streets, riding on the wrong side of the road, and riding 2 abreast during rush-hour traffic, and disregarding STOP signs and Yield signs), I believe that both drivers and cyclists are obligated to take responsibility, and stop constantly pointing fingers at each other.

Drivers are obligated to drive safely and protect cyclists, but cyclists are also obligated to not do things which further put themselves at risk of being seriously injured or killed.

Zebulebu | 3 years ago

These cumstains apparently nicked the motor days before and were seen tooling round Horwich in it, hence the police haven't been able to identify them. High chance they'll do it or worse again. Our club rides that climb every Thursday - I did it with even more trepidation than usual this week. It's usually got motorcyclists smashing up and down it, and I was almost killed there on a hilly TT last year when an arsehole in an Audi carried straight on towards me on the descent as I reached the cattle grid where the road narrows (right near this incident in fact). Missed me by less than 3 inches at 45mph.

longassballs | 3 years ago

Sheep House Lane is one of the most popular climbs in the Bolton & West Pennine area. It's on the Ironman route. It's always got loads of cyclists on it, especially at the weekend. It's given me a sick feeling in my stomach watching this. There's a high chance the people in the car drove there specifically to do that.

The road is barely wide enough for two cars to pass never mind a bike too, so it would already have been a very dangerous close pass without anyone being pushed over. It's +/- 10% at this point and I think very close to a cattle grid and blind bends. It isn't clear on the video that this is even a hill but they could have been travelling really fast. Going downhill here is already pretty scary, and due to the unpredictability of passing cars is dangerous. The lads are "lucky" to get away with minor injuries but I doubt they'll be back on a bike anytime soon. Really sad  2

Compact Corned Beef | 3 years ago

What kind of complete stain do you have to be to think this is in any way ok? And to a kid too?

Simon E replied to Compact Corned Beef | 3 years ago

Compact Corned Beef wrote:

What kind of complete stain do you have to be to think this is in any way ok? And to a kid too?

He pushed 2 children.

Simply because they were riding bicycles, which have somehow become the most hated form of transport.

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