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Foul-mouthed anti-cyclist rant from farmers' Facebook group goes viral

'Farmers Against Misinformation' posted a "polite-ish note" (that wasn't so polite) and has since been shared 15,000 times...

A foul-mouthed Facebook post from Farmers Against Misinformation, in which cyclists are asked to stop on country lanes to allow oncoming tractors to pass, has been shared 15,000 times.

The page committed to "helping people understand successful livestock and crop farming practices around the world, by providing news, views, and real world data" posted the "polite-ish notice" on Saturday. It has since been liked 42,000 times and attracted 10,000 comments.

From "an irritated farmer"...

A polite-ish notice to all cyclists on country roads during harvest.
Please understand I have zero issues with you using the roads to ride your bicycle, I’m all for exercising and if slipping in to a lycra suit and impaling your self on a cock-shaped bike seat for hours keeps you satisfied then each to their own.

If I’m driving a car I always give plenty of ‘safe space’ when passing cyclists which is only fair, we know how sensitive you are to your requested road space, you have just as much right to the roads as anyone....

HOWEVER, if I’m coming at you in a bloody great big tractor with 20 tons behind me on a single track road, do me and yourself a favour and STOP for one second, either move as far over to your side of the road or just step on to the verge if there is one, so I can pass safely, do not just continue at full speed and then piss and moan as you go past because if it goes wrong you’ll end up being pressure washed off a tractor wheel.

Unfortunately for you we take all your space and we can’t help it, so unless you want to lend a hand either changing a tyre that’s blown out or shovelling up a spillage, then we’re not dropping our wheels into drainage grips so that you can continue your bicycle ride.

Cars, horse riders and runners are capable of it, I seem to be missing something with cyclists, I presume either you don’t want to get your special bike dirty, you’re trying to beat your PB or more than likely you’re just a complete cock in general.

Regards your Road Safety Advocate for the 3 shires

Cycling and farming don't overlap too often, so we've not got too much in the archives however, last June, a certain Jeremy Clarkson released his new Amazon Prime series 'Clarkson's Farm' in which there's a scene where former Trek-Segafredo pro Charlie Quarterman rides past the now-tractor-based presenter.

Filmed during lockdown, Clarkson says (to his camera operator, also out doing their job): "Everyone's told to stay at home unless their journey's essential. That doesn't apply to cyclists, obviously!"

At least one good thing came from that follower added: "...not sure what’s more awkward, him owning himself while being a smart-arse as per or the fact he’s pretty much in cardiac arrest putting up a small sign." 

Anyway, it seems Farmers Against Misinformation have taken a leaf out of Clarkson's book on this one...

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