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"I love the time trial but crossing the line first in a road race... there's nothing quite like it," says Alex Dowsett

In the second episode of Drink at your Desk Live, Alex Dowsett tells us what it's like winning a grand tour stage and why you should put honey in your socks ...

Pro-cyclist Alex Dowsett revealed why he loves winning road races, what he thinks of the bidon rule, and why sticking honey in your socks is a good idea, in the second Drink at Your Desk Friday episode.

Dowsett, 32, currently rides for World Tour team Israel Start-Up Nation, and in a wide ranging interview he also told us why winning a stage of a Grand Tour can be a slightly unusual experience.

Reflecting on his memorable win in stage 8 of the 2020 Giro d'Italia, he said: "Winning a stage in a stage race is an odd one.

"If you compare it to a boxer who could have a career defining victory he’ll be on the beers for quite a few months after and for cyclists it's like yeah we’ll have half a glass of champagne in the evening...

"You kind of get over it pretty quick and sort of crack on. 

"Then on the rest day you can kind of flick back to it a little bit and start soaking everything up. It's quite surreal."

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The time trial specialist went on to explain why that Giro victory, and his other road race triumphs, felt different to his many TT victories. 

He said: "I love the time trial but crossing the line first [in a road race] thinking, 'bloody hell I've just basically outplayed everyone and got away with it'...

"Yeah, there is nothing quite like it."

Dowsett, who has his own popular YouTube channel, also offered up some pro-tips for keeping your aero socks up.

He said: "If you have good quality aero socks then they should come with sufficient gripper to endure at least the first few rides, after a few washes then things can start slipping...

"The other insider tip on keeping your aero socks nice and high is honey.

"Just a little smear of honey around the top of the sock because that dries up nicely and keeps them there. 

"The best solution is a spray on adhesive physiotherapists use to apply Kinesio tape.

"Then socks stick like... well they are real sticky.

"You start getting stuck to bed sheets and you get one leg stuck to the other - it’s one of the things we endure for our sport."

Dowsett also gave his opinion on the controversial new bidon rule recently brought in by the UCI.

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He continued:  "I have [been] quite vocal recently that I didn’t agree with the bidon rule.

"I agree that cycling, for what should be one of the most eco-friendly sports, is probably one of the worst and that needs to change but I think the UCI missed the mark a little bit with the bidon enforcement.

"Should you throw a bidon into the undergrowth? Absolutely not. But giving a bottle to a kid can really inspire them and change their life.

"I think that is a real shame we are not allowed to do that anymore."

He added: "Maybe it is something that will just be relaxed in years to come...because ultimately the UCI put the rules in place for the commissaire to enforce. 

"If they see you hand a bottle to a child at the side of the road it's going to take a bit of an arsehole, excuse me, of a commissaire to then slap a fine or a disqualification on your back."

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