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Aggressive driver in total meltdown with Carmarthenshire cyclists after close pass

Motorist tells contributor Matt Page, “You don’t f*cking live here, you live in Llangadog, now f*ck off!”

A ​Carmarthenshire cyclist who received a close pass from an aggressive driver who then parked up to shout at the rider and his companion, began filming the aftermath – including the motorist repeatedly yelling, “Do you remember smacking my car?” and telling him, “You don’t f*cking live here, you live in Llangadog, now f*ck off!”

Race organiser and contributor to our sister site Matt Page told us that the incident happened last week “just outside my home town of Llandovery and the road is the A483.

“I was riding with a friend at the time and doing a good pace and it’s a dead straight road with no traffic and that is why I have absolutely no idea why he was so irate as he passed initially,” Matt said.

“He close passed us tooting, then stopped in the middle of both carriageways 100 metres later and started shouting, so obviously has a big issue with cyclists in general.

“After driving off he was stopped, waiting for us to come along and his stance and manner, I knew he was about to start something, which is why I started filming,” Matt continued.

The footage shows the driver asking, “What’s your name?” with Matt telling him, then saying, “First of all you overtook us when we were riding legally two abreast, completely legal … ”

“So you were blocking the entire road, preventing anyone from overtaking?” the driver responded.

“Excuse me,” replied Matt, “you do not understand the Highway Code,” which makes it clear that cyclists are allowed to ride two abreast.

The motorist, raising his voice, continued to insist that “You were blocking the entire road,” before repeatedly asking Matt, “Do you remember smacking my car?” – something Matt denied – with the driver perilously close to a meltdown of Basil Fawltyesque proportions.

The driver then told Matt to “F*ck off,” and receiving the reply, “I’m from here,” responds, “Sure you are.”

When Matt said, “I live in Llangadog” – a village around 5km southwest of Llandovery – he is told, by the increasingly animated motorist, “Llangadog, do you? So you don’t f*cking live here, you live in Llangadog, now f*ck off!”

The driver, who returned to his car to take his own phone and start filming, again asks Matt his name and accuses him once more of hitting his car – an allegation he continued to deny.

The motorist, who seemed to think he may have grounds for an insurance claim, demands Matt’s address, and burst out laughing when he received the response, “I know all the police around here,” continuing to insist Matt wasn’t a local while not answering the question of where he is from himself.

The man then speeds off, making a punishment pass and beeping his horn, but the episode isn’t over yet.

“After the initial altercation he was in Llandovery town centre and upon spotting us again came to confront us,” Matt said.

At that last encounter, he repeatedly asked Matt, “What would you do if I slapped on your brand new car? What would you do? What would you do? What would you do,” before walking off with a parting greeting of “Tosser.”

“This has been reported to the Police on the day of the incident,” Matt added, “but the case has yet to be assigned to an officer despite it being a week ago.”

Simon has been news editor at since 2009, reporting on 10 editions and counting of pro cycling’s biggest races such as the Tour de France, stories on issues including infrastructure and campaigning, and interviewing some of the biggest names in cycling. A law and languages graduate, published translator and former retail analyst, his background has proved invaluable in reporting on issues as diverse as cycling-related court cases, anti-doping investigations, and the bike industry. He splits his time between London and Cambridge, and loves taking his miniature schnauzer Elodie on adventures in the basket of her Elephant Bike.

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