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Mad Fiber 2.0 wheels released

US-made carbon fibre wheels are now stiffer and 11-speed compatible

Mad Fiber have updated their unique all-carbon wheels. They've revised the spoke pattern of the rear wheel with spokes that now intersect at the rim, instead of the previous alternating design, to increase the radial strength and lateral of the wheels.

The wheels, which involve a unique method of construction, feature 12 five-ply bladed carbon spokes in the front wheel and 18 in the rear wheel. They retain the same 60/66mm front/rear rims, available in a choice of tubular or clincher. Weight is 1,080g for the tubulars, 1,250g for the clinchers.

That's not all: Mad Fiber have made a host of other small but significant changes to the wheels. Most importantly they've made the freehub 11-speed compatible, good news for anyone running the latest groupset from Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo's  This new freehub will still accept 10-speed cassettes, and in some cases 8- and 9-speed.

Mad Fibre have also replaced the chromoly axles with aluminium axles and new quick release levers that use a hollow steel skewer with a carbon lever that has an internal cam. The wheels are offered with regular or ceramic bearings, the later now upgraded to Ceramic Speed bearings. The bearings now sit in Garolite bearing seats, a fibre reinforced plastic that is claimed to provide a more secure fitting inside the all-carbon hub shells.

To finish off the new wheels, and ensure they really stand out, they've introduced a custom graphics programme and will offer all black/stealth graphics; gray/red; gray/blue; and gray/orange colour schemes, in addition to the regular white decals.

The wheels, let me remind you, are made using an innovative construction method that involves bonding the spokes to the rim and hub flange flat, without any tension, then the flanges are drawn from the centre of the hubs to the edge, which applies the tension in the wheels. Everything is made from carbon, including the hub shell and the rims, with just an aluminium tyre seat in the clincher rim. You can read more about how they're made in this article.

No UK prices yet, but in the US the clincher and tubular wheels will cost $2,975 with steel bearings and $3,199 with ceramic bearings. Mad Fiber have a new UK distributor, Burton Agencies, who you can contact on 07809 764983 or via email kev.burt7 [at]

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