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Bradley Wiggins: I'm better than that dope Lance

Why the North London boy gets so angry about what Lance has done to the Tour

Wiggins is an angry man, and it's not directed towards the driver who landed him in hospital during a training ride recently.

In an interview in January's GQ magazine, it's Lance Armstrong he's got the hump with - for taking the gloss off Wiggo's Tour win, his most spectacular cycling achievement to date.

He said: “In some ways I think the scandal enhances what I did.

“His success was built on lies. I look at him now and I think to myself, ‘He didn’t win those Tours fairly, so maybe this superhuman cycling legend was never as good a rider as me.’

“That makes me feel proud that my victories aren’t built on sand.”

But that aside, it's the pressure of having to constantly defend himself now that the public is of the opinion that pro cycling is a murky grey zone, says Wiggins.

“It’s like I am having to atone for the sins of another generation.

"Cycling is a different sport now. This scandal is very much a snapshot of what cycling was like at that time. It's not like that now.

"What angers me is that I feel I have to justify my position and what I am achieving.

"I understand why people ask the questions they do about cycling.

"But it's something I struggle to cope with and keep responding to."

The January 2013 issue of GQ Magazine is out on Thursday.

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