Liverpool to get new cycle network and facilities

New funding aimed at boosting cycling in the city

Liverpool city centre will get new cycle routes and improved cycling facilities in a bid to encourage more people to consider travelling by bike, thanks to a £640,000 investment from the Northwest European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The Liverpool Cycling Strategy project, led by Liverpool City Council, aims to overcome existing barriers preventing people journeying by bike through investment in the cycle route network in the city.

The project will involve the construction of seven new cycle routes to complete the route network, completion of cycle facilities such as missing links with existing cycle routes, directional route signage, cycle parking and crossings, and proactive promotion of cycling to residents, schools and businesses, and aims include reducing journey times for cyclists, and improving links with public transport.

Chief Executive of the Northwest Regional Development Agency Streven Broomhead said: “Encouraging cycling as a mode of transport around the city has a number of benefits, reducing pressure on the transport network, improving health levels and supporting the region’s climate change agenda.

“This investment will help to promote cycling as an affordable, convenient and environmentally friendly way of getting around through improving Liverpool’s cycling infrastructure. It will also make it easier and safer for people to travel by bike and encourage more people to consider cycling as a viable alternative to car use for local journeys.”

The funding will also be used to set up pilot project Cycle Speke, which will make further improvements to make it even easier to get around by bike. Residents, community groups, schools and businesses will all be encouraged to get involved.

Councillor Eddie Clein, Chairman of the Liverpool Cycle Forum, said: “We welcome any moves which make it easier for cyclists in the city and this funding will improve routes and make life easier for those people who use their bikes to get to and from work or simply for recreation and exercise. It will encourage more people to think about leaving their cars at home and take up cycling.”



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