Cracking deal gives you 2 years of cover on your new hoops for nothing, even on budget and MTB hoops

You know how it is: you spend all that money on a shiny set of carbon wheels and the next thing you know you're knee-deep in a pothole in the Queen's highway surrounded by broken spokes and black shards. That's always the worry, anyway. But fear not: Reynolds are at hand.

The Reynolds Assurance Programme (RAP) isn't new. Basically, it's insurance for your wheels: you get two years' protection and Reynolds claim that RAP is "the most aggressive program of its kind, giving you, the customer, absolute protection in case of accident". That means that your wheels are covered for, well, everything really. Including racing. If you bend them, Reynolds will repair or replace them.

Normally that cover would cost you $250 per wheelset. But until 30 September RAP is free on every Reynolds wheelset, except for RZRs. That's right, every one. Even the £400 Solitude. Even the mountain bike wheels…

Sound good? Yeah, we thought so too. Not least because Reynolds make a fine set of hoops. We've tried the Forty Six,  the Assault C and the Solitude, not to mention the sadly-excluded-but-very-shiny RZR46 and RZR92. Not one of them has received a bad review so far…

To find your nearest Reynolds dealer head over to http://www.reynoldscomposites.co.uk/dealers.html

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