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LCC 'not biased' against motorbikes in bus lanes

Campaign group keeps open mind about trials

The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) says it has been ‘misrepresented’ by a motorbiking website which claims it is urging cyclists to respond negatively to a survey on motorbikes in bus lanes.

The Motorcycle News website says the LCC has called for people to ‘register objections’ to an 18-month trial of motorbikes in bus lanes which started in January.

But the LCC says it is keeping an ‘unbiased view’ of the trial and has only asked people to make their views known either way.

An LCC spokesman said: “We were worried about the trial at first because it was just another thing for London cyclists to think about, but we’re definitely keeping an open mind about it now. We just want people to let Transport for London know what they think and it’s important that cyclists’ views are represented. We’ve definitely not asked people for ‘objections’.”

The bus trial was a manifesto pledge made good by London mayor Boris Johnson. Motorbikes, scooters, moped and tricycles can use the red route lanes along with buses and cyclists. It doesn’t include bus lanes on borough roads.

The TfL survey closes on January 5, 2010, after which date an evaluation will be made and presented to the mayor. He will then decide whether the move should become permanent.

To make your views known, visit the TfL website here.

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OldRidgeback | 15 years ago

The data on emissions and collisions was put out by the head of the LCC in various interviews he did at the time of the launch of the scheme. A quick search using yahoo will find them.

cactuscat | 15 years ago

there doesn't seem much other than facts to me in the bit you've quoted, ORB: there *was* a petition, there *was* opposition. LCC has a duty to make sure that the views of its members are represented in the trial, and they've given a link to TfL where those views should be expressed: what's wrong with that? presumably you'll find similar links on the websites of motorcycling groups urging *their* members to make *their* voice heard.

I've not seen this spurious emissions and collissions data, so i can't comment on that.

OldRidgeback | 15 years ago

and from the LCC's own website:

Despite a petition signed by thousands, and opposition to the measure from pedestrian and cycling organisations, the mayor has gone ahead with a trial of motorbikes in red-route bus lanes, with some other bus lanes, such those in Westminster and Barking also included.

This trial is an 18-month experiment, not a permanent measure, so it's vital it's properly monitored and evaluated.

Don't forget the mayor wants your views, too, and you can fill in the TfL online survey by following the link below.

We want to make sure that the views and experiences of cyclists and pedestrians are fully represented.

Below, you can submit comments and report any incidents to us. There's also a link to the TfL site to report comments there too, so make sure you fill in that to have your voice heard.

OldRidgeback | 15 years ago

If that's the case, why has the LCC issued massively incorrect information regarding exhaust emissions from powered two wheelers as well as wholly unsupported claims regarding collisions between motorcycles and bicycles?
I'm a keen cyclist who clocks a decent mileage and commutes through London, but I also ride a motorbike. The LCC's earlier comments regarding motorcycles in bus lanes made me fume because they were wrong and the LCC's attitude seems to be thatimproved safety for motorcyclists is an irrelevance to be ignored.

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