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Tour tech: Rotor crank up the yellow for Sastre

Slippery kit, special frames, what next? Yellow cranks!

As if having a flash new paintjob for his frame and slippery aero kit wasn't enough, Carlos Sastre's cranks are also getting the custom treatment. Spanish CNC-meisters Rotor bike Components have produced a super-limited run of six of their 3D cranksets decked out in not-too-subtle yellow by a design company better known for airbrushing Moto GP helmets.

The 3D crankset itself is Rotor's tour de force, making the most of the company's extensive CNC experience. Rotor itself was formed in Madrid's Aeronautic Engineering school, where a group of students came up with the original Rotor designs and, supported by the University, went on to form the company.

The 3D crankset uses Rotor's 'Trinity Drillling System', and the astute among you will deduce that that essentially means 'three holes'. The holes in question run the length of the crank, reducing weight without sacrificing strength; it's a similar concept to Shimano's Hollowtech II except that Rotor start with a billlet of Aluminium and CNC it to within an inch of its life, rather than using a forming process.

Rotor tell us that, 'We expect that Carlos Sastre´s ROTOR 3D will not go unnoticed in the peloton' and we have no doubt that's true, though opinion is divided on whether it'll be in a good way or not... what do you think of the finish?

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neilwheel | 15 years ago

I love Rotor's stuff, but this chainset colour-scheme is making me gag  31

Hammy | 15 years ago

Yeah, red or orange, it'd be a 'special'  31 combination with purple and any metalic finishes. I reckon if you had a yellow bike of just a slightly different shade of yellow it would jar horribly

guidob | 15 years ago

It looks great in these pictures but I can't imagine many bikes it would look good on in those colours... and I like bright things on bikes...

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