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BioLogic BikeBrain iPhone app updated

Latest version will track data for two bikes and pace you in three ways

Users who already have the free BioLogic BikeBrain iPhone app will have been automatically downloaded with the new 1.3 version which now adds three pace modes and the means to track ride data for two different bikes.

This is in addition to the usual speed and GPS mapping functions which are presented in our experience in a better than average interface that's clear and friendly. This is not a scientific review but there also seem to be less spontaneous data losses and battery life is better within the limitations of the iPhone system which equates to four hours maximum life. Double that if you turn off all your wi-fi and data roaming options.

Interestingly, BioLogic in their more familiar hardware-supplier guise, have a solution for the battery issue because apart from a straightforward waterproof iPhone handlebar mount, they also make a variant called the ReeCharge Case which has a large supplementary 1,400mAh battery built in. Price is £88 and you can also port out the juice to charge other USB devices so you may find yourself rescuing your friends' phones as well. There's also an accessory which allows recharging from a front hub generator, which is another BioLogic option.

Anyway, I digress. On the app if you pay an extra £1.49 for the BikeBrain Plus version you also get some extra options to automatically email your ride data and update twitter and facebook, if that's your thing. There's also unlimited storage for ride data and what the BioLogic folks describe as 'advanced training options' that we're looking forward to trying.

For free, though, the basic app has enough training options for commuters that just want to see where they are in relation to their usual average speed or aspiring sportivistes building up the miles and fitness for the first big ride.

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