Easily take-off-and-onnable mudguards for your sportive bike

We've reported on these 'guards before, but we also shot a bit of vid at Eurobike just to show how easy it is to take them off. Guinea pig VecchioJo had never even seen them before, but he managed to whip off the rear mudguard in just a few seconds; all that's left is some small metal tabs on the dropouts and the brake bolts.

They look much sturdier (and they're also longer) than other removeable 'guards, and a pair is even now winging its way to road.cc towers to be put through its paces. Obviously mudguard-hating Jo won't be getting them, but there's pleny of willing testers queuing up to try them out round here. When we know how they work in real world conditions, so will you!

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