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Video: how to tape your bars like a Pro

Geert van de Meulebrocke of Team Vacansoleil-DCM show you how...

Those pros get a rough time. Look at today's stage: three HC ascents over 2,300m, an early intermediate sprint that'll ensure a furious pace from the gun and over 200km to get through. On the plus side, however, they do at least get people on hand to make sure that their bikes are in tip-top condition.

When you've put nearly 2,500km into your legs over the last two weeks, simple pleasures like new bar tape must be a joy. Anyone who's wrapped their own tape knows it's not easy to get it looking Pro, but that's what a team mechanic needs to do, and in double quick time: there's a whole fleet of bikes to attend to, and time is short.

Ever wondered how they do it? Well wonder no longer, because here's a short vid of Vacansoleil-DCM's pro team mechanic, Geert van de Meulebroecke, demonstrating the pro wrap on Stijn Devolder's Ridley. Pay close attention to the best way to kick off, and the correct method of covering the space around the back of the lever.

Vacansoleil use Lizard Skins DSP bar tape, which is one of our favourite bar tapes here at DSP stands for Dura Soft Polymer and it's super grippy and well cushioned. It's pricey, but hey. Nothing's too good for team riders...

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