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Lance Armstrong answers Twitter critic over link

Texan shoots back after barbed tweet

Silence, wrote George Bernard Shaw, is the most perfect expression of scorn.

Lance Armstrong, however, as we all know, just can’t resist a comeback. But when a previously unknown tweeter with (at the time) just two followers and a dozen or so tweets to his name linked to our item about Lance’s Twitter Ride with the pithy observation “i see this asshole was in scotland” Lance just might conceivably have let it slide.

But no. The Texan, presumably killing time at Inverness airport, tweeted back: "@Bike_Terrorist don't worry, he's flying out in a minute.”

This was the cue for the newbie tweeter, (who, before his sig. became slightly more warm and fuzzy in the last couple of hours, appeared to be intent on exposing “knobhead cyclists” and “benders” or threatening to “fuck you up” if you jump a red light in Hammersmith), to attempt to do what much of the world’s cycling media not to mention the forces of the US federal government and its ace investigator Jeff Novitzky have sought for some time.

“just come clean mate. We will all respect you so much more for it,” was the Bike_Terrorist’s chummy, yet heartfelt plea to the seven-time Tour winner.

This came after he, or possibly she, had vented their spleen about what they apparently perceive to be a terrible betrayal by their former hero: “i got into cycling because of YOU, i believed in you. You cheated. Unacceptable” they had tweeted.

Lance might be in the air at this time so we wait with bated breath for his tweeted reaction when he touches down. Stand by Mr Novitzky.

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