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Wrong way motorway cyclist lives to tell the tale

Mystery rider alarms motorists but evades police

The list of those spotted and sometimes convicted of doing things they shouldn’t on Britain’s motorway network is extensive and bizarre.

Who can forget the Kenyan cyclists caught going for a training ride on the M61 before the Manchester Commonwealth Games back in 2002? Or those with longer memories may even recall their trailblazing fellow African sportsmen who went for a training run on a motorway near Sheffield while preparing for the 1991 World Student Games.

Today we can add an as yet, and probably never-to-be, indentified cyclist who was spotted during the late afternoon rush hour on Wednesday, pootling along the hard shoulder in the opposite direction to the traffic flow on a busy stretch of the M62 near Brighouse in West Yorkshire.

Alarmed motorists called the police but the rider who exited the motorway at the Junction 25 westbound interchange at Clifton, made good his escape and lives to ride another day.

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