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Garmin introduces repair option following complaints from Tacx Neo smart trainer owners

Customer was only offered discount on a new product after software download broke his

Garmin has introduced a flat rate repair option for Tacx Neo smart trainers following complaints that the firm was failing to offer any kind of support to owners once units were out of warranty. The cost is £538 + VAT which comes out at £646.15.

Earlier this month we reported how reader Mark Jones had been left with “a very expensive paperweight” after downloading the latest firmware into an otherwise mint condition Tacx Neo he had bought in 2015.

Tacx was taken over by Garmin in February of last year, but when Jones phoned product support about the issue, he was told that as the unit was out of warranty, nothing would be done. All he was offered was a 20 per cent discount off a new trainer.

Posts on a Tacx Neo owners’ forum on Facebook outlines similar stories from other users.

A Garmin spokesperson told that the firm was investigating claims and “exploring ways to resolve similar inquiries going forward.”

The firm has since informed us that it has introduced a repair option.

A spokesperson said: “We are aware of the comments on social media and continue to address Tacx product repair inquiries.

“The purchase of a Tacx trainer includes an initial two-year warranty. After the original warranty expires we will offer customers a flat rate repair option within our standard service phase.

“For a period of time during the integration of the Garmin and Tacx product support teams, a subset of legacy trainers did not have this option available for customers. This was not intentional, and the Garmin and Tacx teams have worked to ensure we make this option available, effective immediately.”

Garmin has advised affected owners to contact its product support team.

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