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Cycling world reacts to Lance Armstrong's $30k ride

Adam Blythe, David Millar, and Ottilie Quince comment on the ridiculously expensive tour

The cycling world has reacted hilariously to the news that confessed doper Lance Armstrong wants to charge people $30,000 to ride with him.

Professional cyclists and amatuers from across the world have been stepping in to offer slightly cheaper, and, in some cases, less controversial options. 

Lance Armstrong who was banned from the sport for life and stripped of seven Tour de France titles for doping now wants people to fork out a small fortune to join him and former US Postal team-mate (and confessed doper) George Hincapie) for a week’s cycling in Mallorca.

The best reaction by far came from Ottilie Quince – who received a kidney from her mother after being diagnosed with a cancerous tumour and is an 11-time World Transplant Games champion, and runs a cycling coaching business in, of all places, Mallorca.

Writing on Twitter she said: "If you want to ride with a cyclist who’s on shit loads of drugs, won a few world titles and has had/got cancer then check out us at
@OQServiceCourse. "

Former British pro Adam Blythe,  also commented on Twitter: "For €2000 you can come training with me and some mates... we will follow the 30k lance group all day and drink fine red wine in the evening, maybe rosé too, oh and Aperol."

David Millar, another self-confessed doper replied to Adam Blythe's tweet and said: "If there's rosé, count me in."

It wasn't just the pro's joining in to mock the eye-watering sum of money as Twitter erupted with alternative, much more enjoyable sounding options.

Twitter user, Ollie Hennessey, commented: "For £100 you can come training with me and a couple mates while we follow the €2000 Blythe group who will be following the $30000 lance group all day, and we can drink Stella in the evenings and participate in antisocial behaviour."

Another, Rik Perry commented: "If someone pays me 30 grand I’ll follow the group all week with a megaphone shouting choice 'Lance Quotes' like 'I’m sorry you don’t belive in miracles'.

The trip is named 'The Move Mallorca 2020', borrowing the name of Armstrong's cycling podcast, and is listed on the website of adventure travel company Out There.

The website has since amended their post and now it reads: "Never has Lance Armstrong headlined a cycling tour like this-until now.

"We invite you to join this amazing experience as one of only 12 guests-sure to sellout quickly."

"Mallorca is a cycling paradise and the tour will feature the Island’s iconic rides. 5 days of riding with Lance and George, all accommodations, Pinarello bikes, cycling kit, receptions, meals, support and amazing memories will be included."

How generous of you, Lance.

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