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Round the world cyclist Josh Quigley happy the driver who hit him from behind will not be charged

“Everyone makes mistakes and there was no malicious intent”

Josh Quigley, who was hit from behind by a motorist during his attempt to cycle round the world, has said that he is ‘happy’ that the driver will not be charged over the incident.

Quigley suffered a punctured lung and fractures to 10 ribs, his skull, pelvis and ankle when he was hit at 70mph on December 21.

He has had surgery on a broken heel and ankle and had a stent fitted in an artery in his neck which feeds blood to his brain.

The 27-year-old from Livingston, West Lothian, had been riding through Texas on his way to Florida when the collision took place just before 11.30pm.

Local police have said they are treating the incident as an “accident” and no further action will be taken.

Sergeant Bryan Washko of the Texas Department of Public Safety said: “A 2006 Cadillac Sedan operated by a 60-year-old woman was travelling southbound on Highway 36.

“Josh Quigley, 27, of Livingston, Scotland, was also southbound on Highway 36. Mr Quigley was legally operating a bicycle on Highway 36 with an operational blinking red rear lamp fixed to his bicycle.”

Washko added: “The crash investigation is complete and concludes it was an accident. It was not an intentional act so no charges have been filed.”

Speaking to the BBC, Quigley said: "I'm happy that the driver will not be charged as I don't want her punished. It is traumatic enough to knock someone down.

"I am recovering well and I've nothing against her. Everyone makes mistakes and there was no malicious intent so I will write a letter to her when I am better to let her know this."

He has said that he will remain in the US until he is able to get back on his bike. He is hoping that this will be in April.

Quigley has had an eventful trip. In April 2019, his bike was stolen from outside a hostel where he spent a night in London.

More recently, he had to fly to Scotland and then straight back to Australia to replace his passport after his original was damaged by sweat.

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Sriracha | 2 years ago
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It comes as news to me that there was another party involved. More fool me for taking the BBC at its word, that a car was responsible for hitting him.

Hirsute | 4 years ago

My only concern about his approach is that the effect of his decision is a bit broader than the one interaction.
The driver in question may be more careful but if there is no prosecution, then others may not take as much care, not fearing a consequence.

vonhelmet | 4 years ago

I once screamed blue murder at some old dear who rolled ever so slowly into my rear wheel while queueing at a roundabout. So no, I would not be so charitable in his position.

brooksby | 4 years ago

I would hope that if I'm ever put in hospital by a motorist who fails to see me, my bike, or my rear light on the road in front of them and consequently runs over me, that I could be so generous.

But realistically, i really don't think I would be... surprise

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