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Post-race ‘punch up’ in Muensterland; Finish line idiocy in Croatia; Hovering roundabout in Trafford?; Feds chase Bruyneel for $1.2m; Bacon butty update + lots more in the Live blog

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03 October 2019, 16:54
"Battle of Munsterland" Update: The fear made him do it…

Just as well roadies don't have peaks on their helmets or Florian could have been nursing some nasty hand sufferance (what a great word) during the close season, well if his teammates hadn't held him back he might. Maybe.

03 October 2019, 15:00
Deceuninck–Quick-Slap: HUGE FIGHT* at the end of Meunsterland Giro

*one rider flapped at another rider's helmet...

The mad fight occurred after the finish of the Meunsterland Giro which was won by Hodge of Deceuninck Quick-Step. 

Florian Senechal, the rider throwing the punch, thought that Max Walschied had cut him up, causing the crash. But as Senechal finishes his leadout, he looks over his shoulder and drifts. Not looking where you're going isn't advisable and Senechal is unable to avoid Walshied who is diving for a wheel. 

How long until this is in a Top 10 Cycling Fights video? 

03 October 2019, 14:13
Cycling’s bacon hero feels vindicated over latest research ruling out cancer link

Ever get worried that stories about cycling and salt-cured pork are few and far between? Fear not, because The Daily Star are here with some breaking bacon news courtesy of keen cyclist and bacon sandwich fanatic Steve Grice from Shropshire.

We reported back in 2017 that Mr. Grice was given an Outstanding Services to Bacon award by a trade body, after posting dozens of reviews of bacon sandwiches from establishments around the Midlands on Facebook. Academic research has often linked too much cured meat with cancer, and the World Cancer Research Fund still advise us to limit red meat consumption; but recently a team of Canadian researchers found no increased risk of heart disease, cancer or diabetes in 12 randomised controlled trials involving 54,000 individuals.

A buoyant Mr. Grice told the Daily Star he was never in doubt that his fondness for a bacon sarnie, of which he estimates to have scoffed over 11,000, was likely to have caused him any ill health. He also informatively told them: “I can’t put into words what I enjoy so much about bacon, I guess it is the savoury taste. But I don’t eat any old bacon sandwich. It must be crispy bacon on white bread with brown sauce and served with a cup of tea.”

Never mind the bacon award thing, give this man a Nobel Prize…

03 October 2019, 13:01
UK's first Dutch-style 'hovering' roundabout coming to Trafford?
03 October 2019, 12:53
Just in: Orro Pyro Evo

Check out the updated gran fondo bike with a gorgeous-looking frame and a full Shimano 105 groupset.

Orro Pyro Evo 105 Hydro.jpg

Get the full story here.

03 October 2019, 12:17
Annemiek van Vleuten goes for a coffee ride ... in the rainbow jersey

Win the rainbow jersey with a 104-kilometre solo attack on Saturday ... go out for a coffee ride wearing it on Tuesday ...

03 October 2019, 11:00
Croatia crash: Matej Mohoric suffered punctured lung colliding with spectator

In a statement, his team Bahrain Merida said: "The Slovenian rider was taken to Zadar General Hospital. After the medical checks, the Team Medical Doctor Marjan Korsic reported that he suffered a fracture of two ribs on the left side, consequently left-sided pneumothorax and bleeding in his left phrenicocostal recess. Fortunately, no neurological deficit, and besides local cutaneous contusion, there are any skeletal injuries.

"Therefore Matej Mohorič – who was 5th overall and fighting for the general classification – is forced to abandon CRO Race."


03 October 2019, 09:23
Post finish-line crash in Croatia and the riders really aren't happy

How much faster than a man running in jeans do riders travel immediately after a sprint finish.

The answer, shock and horror, is quite a bit faster.

It seems that the safety standards at the Tour of Croatia haven't been very good with Mitchelton-Scott's Brent Bookwalter also pointing out that the peloton had to contend with unlit, pitch-black tunnels and oncoming traffic during the stage.

03 October 2019, 11:02
Hammer Series Hong Kong leg is cancelled due to continuing political unrest and rioting

The increasingly chaotic events in Hong Kong have forced Hammer Series organisers to cancel their upcoming race in the region on 13th October, awarding the series win to Jumbo Visma based on current standings.

A statement says: "Velon and the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), the organiser of Hammer Hong Kong and the mass participation Hong Kong Cyclothon, regret to inform that the decision has been taken not to stage the two events on Sunday, October 13, 2019 because of the ongoing events in Hong Kong.

"We have been keeping matters under close review and it has now been decided that the best course of action is to halt preparations and look to 2020 when the Hammer Series and the world’s top professional cyclists will return to the streets of Hong Kong."

03 October 2019, 10:32
Riding past Horse Guards Road soon?

It might be a bit slippy, as Extinction Rebellion's hose malfunction means there is currently a few hundred litres of fake blood on the road that was meant to be aimed directly at the HM Treasury building. What a bloody mess!

03/10/2019, 11:50

Pendleton offers colour co-ordination for the nation*

Victoria Pendleton matching kids and paresnts bikes

*Well, okay the nation’s families… correction the nation's families that ride bikes together - with a new range of matching parents and children bikes. Apparently kitting your kids out as mini-me versions of yourself is a ‘thing’. If we were a philosophy and ethics website at this point we’d probably launch in to a discourse about whether that’s a good ‘thing’ or not, but we aren’t so we won’t. The Pendleton Somerby Balance Bike costs £85; while the adult Somerby is £280 – if you want to colour co-ordinate with your older children or moody teens there’s a 24in wheeled junior Somerby for £240 - obviously it’s up for debate as to whether they’ll want to colour co-ordinate with you at this point but… You can find them all at Halfords stores or on their website

03 October 2019, 08:20
Lance Armstrong's ex-manager Johan Bruyneel is still on the run from US authorities, who say he owes them $1.2 million
Johan Bruyneel Photo by Maryse Alberti, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

According to court documents obtained by USA Today, Bruyneel was doorstepped by authorities at his house in Spain last year, where they demanded he paid them $1.2 million for his part in the doping scandal that helped Lance Armstrong win seven Tour de France titles.  

The U.S government used a Spanish counsel to try to retrieve the money, but Bruyneel refused to accept documents from an attorney hired by the government. 

Lance Armstrong eventually accepted a multi-million dollar settlement with the U.S in 2014, but Bruyneel insisted that they couldn't enforce a civil judgment on him overseas because he is Belgian and living in Europe. He's been ignoring the demands ever since, and Paul Scott, an attorney that was involved in the case as a representative of Floyd Landis, told USA Today: “He can continue running as long as he likes, but this judgment will ultimately catch up to him."


Bruyneel, an active social media user who describes himself as a "proud ex-manager of my dear friend Lance Armstrong, winner of 7 Tours de France. Anti-hypocrisy warrior", has understandably stayed silent on the matter so far... 

03 October 2019, 08:10
Tributes pour in for Mapei boss Giorgio Squinzi

The owner of the Mapei chemical building material company Giorgio Squinzi has passed away aged 76 after a long illness. Mapei were the headline sponsor of arguably the most successful cycling teams of the 90's/early 2000's, dominating races such as Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders with their roster of superstars which included Andrea Tafi and Paolo Bettini. 

Squinzi also owned Sassuolo football club, with tributes pouring in across the sporting world and beyond. 

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