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Closed - Winner announced Win £1,412 worth of Hunt wheel vouchers

Winners Announced in the Hunt wheels and Dissent 133 gloves competition worth £1,412

The Competition is now closed, and we have our 3 winners!

Congratulations to:

Issaias Angopian for the 1st place prize of £500 wheel voucher and 3 Dissent Glove packs.

Stuart Langridge for the 2nd place prize of £250 wheel voucher and 2 Dissent Glove packs.

Tom Couzens for the 3rd place prize of a Dissent Glove pack.

The Rider Firm will be contacting each of you shortly.

Many thanks to everybody who entered and better luck next time if you not one of the lucky winners.

Coming straight off the back of the amazing 5 star review for its 35 Carbon Gravel Disc X-Wide wheelset, The Rider Firm (Hunt and Dissent 133's parent company) is offering readers the chance to win cash vouchers to be used against Hunt wheels of your choice and Dissent 133 glove packs which you can share with your mates to enjoy the cooler and wetter rides over the next six months. 

As usual with a competition from The Rider Firm, there are multiple prizes to win.

The fantastic first prize is a £500 voucher for use against any Hunt wheels of your choice and three of its marvellous Dissent 133 glove packs for you and your mates. We reviewed the glove pack back in January this year, giving them 4.5 stars. Liam really liked them individually and as a whole system; you can read his review here

Dissent-133- Ultimate

Here is a bit of info about the Dissent 133 gloves:

The Dissent 133 gloves consist of four layers: a waterproof layer, a windproof layer, a thermal layer, and a base layer. Combining these gloves in different combinations provides all the coverage you could want for your hands this winter.


  • Warm, dry, thin and flexible

The Dissent 133 Layered Glove System puts the waterproof/windproof membrane outside all the thermal layers, keeping them dry and maintaining their thermal insulating properties.

  • Incredible adaptability, 11 combinations!

The Dissent 133 Layered Glove System is ideal for changeable mid-ride conditions, and each layer is easily packable. No need to own expensive thick deep winter gloves suitable for just a few rides a year.

  • Easy drying and washing 

The individual gloves used within the Dissent 133 Layered Glove System separate without difficulty, to dry quickly and wash easily.

  • Less frustration

Like us, you may well have experienced the liners of winter gloves pulling out at the fingers countless times – and the struggle to push them back in! The Dissent 133 Layered Glove System completely removes this problem as the OutDry®Lite membrane is bonded directly to the Schoeller outer fabric.

It's quite likely you'll have more friends than you think when it comes to giving out the extra glove packs with this prize.


Dissent 133 Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack - layers.jpg

The second prize is a £250 voucher to be used against any Hunt wheels of your choice and two Dissent 133 glove packs, so you'll have to choose more carefully here. Maybe put them on rotation – your friends, that is, not the gloves.

So whether you win the first or second prize you can choose between Hunt's ever-expanding wheel line-up. Here are a couple of suggestions from our reviewers:


Hunt Bike Wheels 35CGXW


First up, if you are into gravel you have to consider the Hunt 35 Carbon Gravel Disc X-Wide as mentioned up top in the first paragraph. They got a fantastic 5-star review from Mike Stead, with his conclusion saying it all: "All in all, for £100 less than the previous Carbon Gravel wheelset, for about the same weight, with pretty much guaranteed futureproofness baked in, the X-Wides are a very hard wheelset to go past. Yet again Hunt knocks the ball out of the park – and if you are on these wheels, you'll have no problem heading into the rough to find it." Check out his full review here.

Hunt Bike Wheels 30CAD


If it's road you are more interested in then what about the Hunt 30 Carbon Aero Disc wheelset? It's aero, super-wide and incredibly lightweight and was designed specifically for disc braking from the ground up. The rim is 30mm deep, 27mm wide and the set weighs a claimed 1,347g!

We haven't reviewed these yet (it's coming soon), but here is what Hunt has to say about them:

"Look no further for a do-it-all carbon disc-brake wheelset than the 30 Carbon Aero Disc. Ultimate climbing performance, and incredibly capable on rolling terrain. The super-wide 27mm rim provides superior aerodynamic performance. The U-profile serves up great handling and reduces drag across multiple wind yaw-angles. The extra-wide 21mm internal rim bed opens out your tyre profile providing exceptional vibration reduction, grip and low rolling-resistance. Stretch the gaps and burn the legs of your riding compatriots."


Hunt Bike Wheels 4SD


If it's alloy disc gravel wheels you are after then what about the Mason X Hunt 4 Season Disc Wheelset? This the original award-winning, year-round disc brake wheelset, now with Nightsafe reflective decals. It's 27mm deep, 24mm wide and has an increased 19mm internal width, coming in at a claimed 1,588g. The review of this set of wheels is imminent so please keep checking the site for that.

Hunt says, "Whilst working with Dom Mason to spec his Mason Cycles, we realised that the specification and weights of the few available 700c road/CX disc wheels were not ideal for a performance bike that would be used in all weather conditions.

"We knew we could use our links with suppliers to Hunt for improvements in every detail. We enlisted our love for performance bike parts, applied our industry experience and set about creating Hunt Bike Wheels. A lightweight, durable year-round disc wheelset was one of our first projects, the outcome was the (now multi) award-winning Mason x Hunt 4 Season Disc wheelset."

The third prize is a set of excellent Dissent 133 gloves for yourself.  

And everybody will also get a Hunt Ass Saver rear mudguard as well.

Please note there is no cashback option with the vouchers; if you win first or second prize and you choose a product whose RRP is less than £500,  you will not receive the cash difference.

All you have to do to win one of these great prizes is enter the competition below.

Good luck!

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