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Video: Van driver pulls out into cyclist – “No requirement to report” says police website

“Sorry mate, I didn’t see you”

In this incident, which took place earlier today at the junction of Gas Lane, Anvil Street and Oxford Street in Bristol, a van driver pulls out of a side road straight across the path of a cyclist. Attempts to report the collision to police subsequently met with mixed results.

Writing to Peter said: “There I was, minding my own business and cycling to the train station (on my way to important squirrel-related business) and a van driver decided to not stop at the side road and instead go straight across my path.

“He was going slowly, so I thought he was going to stop at the 'give way' double broken white lines as I was in primary position and clearly (I thought) visible.

“Initially I thought he was going to be turning left, which would have left me just enough room to avoid the van, but no, he was trying to go straight across the road.

“That didn't leave me with enough room to either stop or avoid him, so instead I bumped into the side of his van (well, his work van).”

As you can see in the video, the driver stopped and was immediately apologetic.

Peter said: “We had a brief chat where he checked that I was unhurt and I had a quick look at my bike – always a good ploy to calm down from the adrenaline rush and give yourself a bit of time to figure out what just happened.

“I'd hit the van mainly with my shoulder and hand and neither felt injured, so after verifying there was no damage to my bike (I don't think it actually hit), we went our separate ways.”

Peter later tried to submit the footageto Avon & Somerset Police so they could record it for statistical reasons and to see if they considered it careless driving.

After filling out a multiple choice form on the website, he was informed there was “no requirement to report.”

The website stated: “Based on the answers you have provided, there is no requirement for you to report this to the police.”

Peter was nevertheless keen for it to be logged in police stats as he believes that particular junction is problematic.

He subsequently found that the close pass reporting feature of the very same website allowed him to submit the footage.

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