Motorist apparently in a huge rush to get to a shopping centre

“Many motorists seem to want to share the road the way a four-year-old wants to share toys,” said Alan Downey after a motorist brutally cut him up while riding two kids through Dublin on a cargo bike. “Everyone else should have to share with them, but they reeeeally don't want to share with anyone else.”

Dublin Live reports that the incident occurred on the Malahide Road on Sunday evening.

Downey captured the incident on front and rear-facing cameras.

The junction leads to a shopping centre.

When another Twitter user suggested to Downey that the car following him backed off anticipating a crash, he replied: “I'm thankful the driver behind had that awareness. More common than a cut-in at that junction is drivers accelerating past on the inside. I could easily have been rear ended due to how much of a wobble we had.”

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