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MyCyclingWeekend - We Have a Winner

A look back at this week's #MyCyclingWeekend...

Luck hasn't been on my side recently. There have been more crashes and punctures over this week's #MyCyclingWeekend.

But thankfully, that bad luck doesn't seem to be affecting you guys.

We've had some great entries this week so before we get to the winner, let's go through some of them!



Russell took on the Ken Laidlaw Sportive.



Another day, another river crossing.

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A great shot from Jon.



Noth Leicestershire and California have never been compared before...



Climbing the mountain usually gives you the best view



Beers to soothe crashes and punctures

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Busy drowning our sorrows having done some crashing and a little puncturing.



This one is destined for the bin.



Rachael got the cruel reminder that a tailwind out means a headwind home.



Just hanging around.



Tubeless systems can be a massive pain if they're not working properly.



Trip to Reculver on the bike! #mycyclingweekend

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Our winner this week is James who took his trusty steed along the coast to see Reculver Towers. James, we'll be in touch!

So that's it for this week, but remember to post your photos with #MyCyclingWeekend for a chance to win!

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