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MyCyclingWeekend - Fuelled by Soreen

Get your photos in this weekend for a chance to win a great prize!

Soreen are back for another brilliant #MyCyclingWeekend. 

The weather is looking a little mixed, but we're sure you'll just grab a jacket and head out anyway!

When you're out, remember to snap a pic of you, your bike, the view or even your cake. Then pop it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #MyCyclingWeekend so that we can see it!

We've got another Swag Grab prize with a t-shirt and sticker set!

Need some inspiration? Here are some great pics!


Does anyone want to ride to Japan?



The gravel bikes will get pretty mucky on Saturday.



This morning, in just over 7 days, @ajh_cycling crossed the finish line of the @transatlanticway, ending his incredible effort in 22nd place out of a field of 144. Here's what he had to say about his time on the road: "As it was my first ultra endurance race, a lot was unknown going into the event. I’ve learned a great deal about myself and my limits, but more importantly it’s given me the belief to continue to train and set bigger goals in endurance cycling. But first, a well earned Guinness and some sleep!" . AJ also thanked everyone who sent him support along the ride, adding: "All of your messages meant a great deal to me, and trust me when I say they really helped get me through the dark places this race took me! Much love." . #AttacusCycling #NoRulesJustRide

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Taking on an Ultra Endurance event isn't on my list of things to do this weekend.



As the distance goes up, more kit is needed!



Anyone heading for the trails?



Digging deep to get through this week like... : of @jefferson969 by @brentmurphyphoto

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Dirt sections on road bikes always means fun!



And how about some cobbles to shake things up?



Of course, a more relaxed ride could be the way to go.


Whatever you're riding this weekend, be sure to send us a snap using #MyCyclingWeekend!

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