Police said it was ‘not possible’ to establish how the collision occurred based on the footage and conflicting accounts

In January, well-known helmet cam cyclist Dave Sherry was knocked off his bike by a lorry driver. While police later pulled over the driver and took his details, he has since left the country and Sherry says he will not be charged.

Sherry has uploaded hundreds of videos to his YouTube channel and evidence he has gathered has resulted in dozens of convictions for motoring offences. However, he has also attained a certain notoriety in some quarters for the gusto with which he pursues his task.

He has previously been featured on the BBC’s Inside Out East programme and once appeared on ITV’s This Morning in a segment entitled ‘Shaming Britain’s drivers – cycling vigilante’. The Daily Mail once branded him ‘Britain’s most hated cyclist’ because, you know… The Mail…

Sherry filmed the moment the lorry driver cut in on him as he cycled home through Epping. He told The Sun: "I was just on my way home from work as a London bus driver so I know how much room you need to give a cyclist to pass.

"The oncoming car was sounding its horn and flashing its lights so the lorry pulled back and narrowly missed that head on.

"I heard it revving its engine again so I gestured for it to stay back because I could see the oncoming traffic, but it overtook me regardless.

"As it moved back over to the left it knocked me off my bike. I honestly thought I was going to die."

Essex Police got the licence plate of the lorry and passed it on to Kent Police who pulled the Romanian driver over.

According to Sherry: "The police didn't ask the right questions and he can't be interviewed again for the same crime now so they've made a farce of it.

“Luckily they managed to identify him before he got to the port at Dover. He told police he didn't see me and left the country. These foreign drivers can get away with murder."

A spokesman for Kent Police said: “On Friday 12 January 2018 officers from Kent Police stopped a lorry on behalf of Essex Police in relation to a collision the previous day.

“They took the driver’s personal details and interviewed him based on the requests made of them by Essex Police officers, who were provided with a record of the interview in order to assist with their enquiries.”

A spokeswoman from Essex Police said: “We were contacted about a collision in which a lorry overtook a cyclist and clipped the rider.

“The lorry was located using automatic number plate recognition technology and stopped the following day in Kent. The driver was interviewed and denied any knowledge of the collision.

“Officers reviewed camera footage, which showed there had been a collision. But it was not possible to establish how it occurred based on the footage and conflicting accounts.

“We will investigate any incidents, regardless of where drivers are from, and take action to deal with any criminal offences when there is sufficient evidence to do so.”

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