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Video: Cyclist gets caught behind level crossing barriers in West Sussex

Network Rail warn all road users to pay attention to lights and barriers

Network Rail has reminded road users to pay attention to red lights at level crossings after releasing footage of a cyclist getting caught behind the barriers in West Sussex on Monday.

The Littlehampton Gazette reports that a joint Network Rail and British Transport Police mobile CCTV van was in the area watching for motorists jumping the lights, when it captured footage of a female cyclist ducking under the lowering barrier at the Roundstone level crossing in East Preston.

She was then unable to get past the barrier on the opposite side and found herself trapped.

Network Rail level crossing manager Clive Robey said: “The woman was in no danger from trains, as the signaller was able to raise the barriers so she could get out, but it did mean that the train and the motorists had to wait longer.

“Had she tried the same thing at an automatic crossing, such as at Yapton, she would have been in great danger of being hit by a train. As it was, she narrowly missed getting hit by the barrier as it came down – something that has caused injury to cyclists in the past.

“Level crossing lights and barriers are there to keep everyone safe and I would appeal to users, at Roundstone and elsewhere, to pay attention to them. People do have to wait a few minutes, but today’s incident shows why there is a gap between the barriers coming down and the train crossing over.”

Robey visited the crossing later in the week to explain the dangers to the cyclist, who is said to be a regular user of the road.

In June, Crimestoppers offered a £2,000 reward to track down a man who jumped over a level crossing gate in south west London and told an onlooker who pleaded with him to stop, "I don't f*cking care, mate."

Last month Cannondale-Drapac rider Taylor Phinney was disqualified from the Tour of Britain after he crossed a railway line while the gates were coming down midway through a stage.

After French rail company SNCF called for cyclists who rode through a closed level crossing during the 2015 Paris-Roubaix to be prosecuted, the UCI revised its regulations, which now state: “It shall be strictly forbidden to cross level crossings when the barrier is down or closing, the warning signal ringing or flashing."

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