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Police officer fined for breaking cyclist's wrist while driving without due care and attention

Officer was found guilty after failing to spot cyclist as he drove to police station

A police officer who was found guilty of breaking a cyclist’s wrist while driving without due care and attention has been fined.

Mark Godfrey Turner, 57, from Barrow, denied the charge but was found guilty at Furness Magistrates' Court this week.

The court heard how the officer was just moments away from the police station in town when the collision happened.

He was making a right hand turn when he collided with cyclist Daniel Grady at 8.40pm on September 7 last year.

The bicycle, which was two months old and had cost over £900, was damaged, and Mr Grady had a broken wrist and fractured ribs.

According to The Mail, Mr Grady told the court: "I saw the car and thought, in the back of my mind, 'he is going to go'.

"I had a feeling so I reacted and slammed the brakes on. I tried slowing down but I couldn't do it in time."

As well as four penalty points, Turner was ordered to pay court costs of £750, a fine of £300 and a victim surcharge of £30.


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