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Wiggo could "do us all a favour and talk" – Geraint Thomas

Welshman tired of trying to answer questions on someone else’s behalf

The Tour de France hasn’t even started yet and Geraint Thomas is already fed up of answering questions about Sir Bradley Wiggins. The three-week race is shaping up to be an extraordinary test of the Welshman’s mental as well as physical endurance.

Team Sky has been facing questions ever since Russian hackers published Wiggins’ medical files and it was revealed that he had repeatedly used triamcinolone under a therapeutic use exemption (TUE).

Earlier this year, Thomas told that he’s never had a TUE himself and said that the authorities “should do more to take out the grey area.”

He subsequently said of Wiggins: “Who's to say he didn't need that or he did? He's the only one who can answer that. I don't think I can really discuss it without speculating, which is the wrong thing to do.

"At the end of the day, everything they did went through the right channels and they got it. If the reason he had it was just to get an advantage or if he did need it, it's only him and the doctor who can answer that.”

Cycling News yesterday asked Thomas whether he thought Wiggins had fully answered questions on the matter.

He said: "I don't think he has, but at the same time I was getting asked all the time and that's what was frustrating. When it's all to do with [Dr Richard] Freeman and him, just go and ask them, basically. I think the investigation is still ongoing but he could definitely do us all a favour and talk to some people. Then people would stop asking us."

He did however feel moved to defend the environment within which he has operated throughout much his career.

"I've grown up through British Cycling and Team Sky and I know the beliefs and how things should work. I feel fortunate to have grown up through that system and not years previously. When I read stories about David Millar and what he went through I feel fortunate not to have faced all that. I've always had 100 per cent confidence in the team and British Cycling."

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