VIDEO: Teenage cyclist endures bizarre dressing down from US TV host after leading hundreds of riders onto expressway

A teenage rider who let out hundreds of youths onto a Philadelphia highway this week in footage that went viral on social media, has been dressed down on TV for his stunt.

Corey “Oneway” Murray, a 16-year-old high school sophomore from South Philadelphia, went onto Fox 29’s “Good Day Philadelphia” to speak about the cycle takeover.


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He told the host Mike Jerrick: “It was too many of us to really get hurt, you know. I don’t think no one would really try to run us all over.”

Jerrick interrupted. “Well, I don’t think anyone really gives a rat’s ass — excuse my language — gives a darn, about if you guys get injured. I think we’re more worried about drivers being injured. All of us being injured, not you.”

Co-host Alex Holley joined in, telling Murray he should have organised his ride in the park, “where you aren’t obstructing the roadway.”

Murray has now been arrested, following his appearance on the show, where he identified himself as the organiser or the ride.

Earlier this week, police said there were no injuries or arrests related to the unsanctioned bike ride, according to Streetsblog USA.

Instagram star Murray, who has been made famous for his BMX trick videos posted online, called on his followers to join him for a ride out to celebrate his birthday last weekend.

“We ride, and people watch us when we’re riding,” he told Spoke Magazine last year. “Some people love it and some people hate it. They just think we’re messing with cars and all that. I don’t care about them. They can say what they want, but they don’t know how it is. It’s just fun.”

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