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Great cycling deals on cycling holidays, SiS & Ale jerseys

The DealCatcher's heading to the Pyrenees with La Vie en Velo. Are you in?...

We don't know about you lot, but most of us here at are itching to get out on our bikes under the summery sunshine; the DealCatcher included, which is reflected in the deals on offer in today's round-up!

We get things rolling with some actual opportunities to get riding on some of Europe's most beautiful roads in the summer - or autumnal - months. We'll get into the details below, but La Vie en Velo are offering a discount if you book a holiday this month.

If you're plotting to head out on some long summer you might need some fuel. If you're unaccustomed to the world of sport nutrition Science in Sport's bundles do a great job at giving you a taste of a selection of bits as well as offering you a whole day or two's worth of fuel.

Our final product today is a rather good looking jersey from Ale, perfect for these warm days when you want to show off your wardrobe.


10% off La Vie en Velo cycling holidays 
WAS £595.00 | NOW £535.50

La Vie en Velo photo.jpg

La Vie en Velo's cycling holidays are about as hassle-free as cycling holidays go.

Those of you who have had to deal with airports while in posession of a bicycle will know the pain and fear that your beloved machine will land in a couple more pieces than it left, or might not even arrive at all.

There's also not much like riding the bicycle you're most familiar with on some of the world's best cycling roads.

La Vie en Velo make all of that nice and easy for you. Their selection of holidays, particularly the Autumn Pyrenees trip, allow you to ride your own bike on the famous mountain range's roads. And what's more, you don't have to worry about your bike's wellbeing in transit. 

La Vie en Velo don't let your bikes fly.

The guys from La Vie en Velo will meet you and your holiday mates with their custom-fitted bike trailer and head out ahead of time to meet you in the Pyrenees.

The price of £535 and quote '' when you book.

Included in the price are your flight tickets, transport of your bikes and luggage, transfers to and from Toulouse airport and your bed and breakfast in a catered chalet in Bagneres-du-Luchon.

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28% off Science in Sport's Endurance Pack
WAS £14.00 | NOW £10.00

SiS Endurance Pack.png

Of course, if you're planning on heading out on a big cycling holiday, or you're just thinking of taking advantage of this lovely spring weather you might need a little bit more fuel in your tank.

Science in Sport is the place to go for that little extra kick.

If you're a bit unsure which nutrition bits suit you or that you'll need to go all day in the saddle, something like this Endurance Pack should do a good job of introducing you to all the different types of SiS products.

Alternatively, if you're not a big supplement user but you want to give yourself an edge over a couple of days, the Endurance Pack contains everything you'll need to make the most of your ride.

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50% off Ale Prr's Bubbles Jersey
WAS £89.99 | NOW £44.99

Ale Prr Bubble Jersey.jpg

Finally, the suns out which means it's time to get your best jerseys out!

You know the ones that make you feel fresh, the ones that look the best, the ones you don't have to cover up with rain coats and thermal jackets.

What? You've not got any jerseys that'll help you stand out from the peloton?

Wow, well, let us help you out.

Ale does a selection of PRR jerseys that feature fun designs like this bubble one.

What's more, the PRR jerseys are great. We gave the long sleeve version a 8/10 when it came in for review.

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