Great cycling deals in the Boardman DealCatcher Takeover

The DealCatcher's been rolling through the deals over at Boardman. Looking for some new wheels? Look no further...

Todays selection of cycling deals from the DealCatcher is for those of you looking for current model bargains!

Forget bargain basement trawls, Boardman's Easter sale has seen a blanket 10% reduction in price on the brand's current range of endurance bikes.

Check out SLR Endurance bikes with a selection of components and frame materials.

There should be something for every kind of rider, and if we haven't picked up on something you're looking for, why not have a snoop yourself? The link to the entire sale is below:

- Check out: Boardman's entire Easter sale


10% off Boardman's SLR Endurance Disc 9.2
WAS £2299.99 | NOW £2069.99

Boardman's opening deal is their award-wining SLR Endurance Disc 9.2.

Widely praised across the entire industry, the bike has no right to be discounted at this time of the season, so snap it up while you've got the chance.

For your hard earned money you'll be getting a carbon frame - with tapered steerer - Shimano's excellent Dura Ace 9000 groupset minus the cassette which is 105, BR-RS785 hydraullic discs from Shimano, a Prologo Nago Evo Dea 141 saddle alongside Boardman finishing kit.

Altogether, the value you'll be getting this 8.1kg bike is pretty exceptional.


10% off Boardman's SLR Endurance 9.2
WAS £2099.99 | NOW £1889.99

Read above. Really, you're looking at a very similar bike here.

Obviously, as you can see, it's disc brake-less. That fact may well suit many of you who aren't super keen on the option that's creeping onto more and more bikes every year.

This bike is also a touch lighter, coming in at 7.66kg - if you're planning on riding the medium framed version.


10% off Boardman's SLR Endurance Disc Womens
WAS £2049.99 | NOW £1844.99

The Boardman goodness isn't only restricted to frame geometries designed to suit men.

The SLR Endurance Disc Womens bike is just as well equipped as the mens' models, just with geometry that's slightly more suited to a woman's physique.

This bike comes with Shimano's Ultegra groupset, but again with a 105 cassette. The Hydraulic disc brakes are the same as the men's bike, as is the Prologo saddle and Boardman finishing kit.


10% off Boardman's SLR Titanium 9.2
WAS £2999.99 | NOW £2699.99

If you're not keen on carbon, Boardman's Ti10 Titanium framed SLR could be the option you're looking for.

There are plenty of similarities with the bikes we've seen so far. This bike carries a full Shimano Ultegra groupset with BR-RS785 hydraulic disc brakes, alongside a Prologo saddle and Boardman finishing kit.


10% off Boardman's SLR Endurance Disc Frameset​
WAS £1249.99 | NOW £1124.99

Finally, if you're not looking for an entire bike, but you fancy a new fancy frame, Boardman is offering a selection of those in its Easter sale.

The SLR Endurance Disc Signature Frameset not only looks fancy with its red and yellow-striped colour scheme, but it'll get you some way to lightening up your load on long rides.

The frame weighs in at a spectaularly low 950g in carbon.

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