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Great cycling deals in the Decathlon DealCatcher Takeover

The DealCatcher's been snooping around Decathlon's sale items. Here are a whole load of BTwin goodies plus some bargain Vittoria tyres...

In today's DealCatcher Takeover we're having a spin around Decathlon's online store and marvelling at the deals they've got on offer.

Just in time for some summery riding we've got some seasonally appropriate footwear, a device to fix your phone to your arm, some bargain tyres, a cadence sensor and a couple of other bits and bobs for you lot to enjoy.

Obviously Decathlon's a special case in that the retailer's full-price items are often better value than most other retailer's discounted numbers.

So if nothing here tickles your fancy, head over to the non-discount section and check out the rest of their cycling wares.


50% off BTwin's 300 Smartphone Holder
WAS £7.99 | NOW £3.99

BTwin 300 Phone Holder.jpg

So, you don't want your smartphone in your cockpit? But you still want it to be accessible?

Have you considered attaching the machine to your arm?

Popping your phone upside down into this strap and attaching it to your upper arm gives you the option of glancing down to check notifications or Strava segment times without having the device use up valuable real estate on your handlebars.


44% off BTwin's Bluetooth Speed & Cadence Sensor
WAS £24.99 | NOW £13.99

BTwin Bluetooth Cadence Censor.jpg

Btwin's bargain Bluetooth speed and cadence sensor offers you excellently useful data on your ride at a crazy price.

Very few of these sensors come in at under £15.

You will of course need a cycling computer to keep track of the data recorded by these sensors, but that's not a problem. 

Check out our buyer's guide for some truly accessible options, when it comes to pricing at least.

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40% off BTwin's 300 Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey
WAS £9.99 | NOW £5.99

BTwin 300 Long Sleeve Jersey.jpg

This might feel like a strange inclusion given the weather we had over the weekend. But believe us, we've ridden through enough British 'summers' to know that the springtime summer tease is just one of those things.

We'll be thrust back into winter-esque weather in no time, at which point jerseys like BTwin's 300 Long Sleeve Jersey will come in handy. Big time.

There's no huge financial committment here either which is great for those of you who are looking to fill holes in your cycling wardrobe.

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38% off BTwin's 500 Cycling Socks
WAS £3.99 | NOW £2.49

BTwin 500 Cycling Socks.jpg

Socks! You can never have too many socks, but you can often have the wrong socks.

Really, in the winter there are fewer less comfortable situations to be in than having numb toes.

Equally, in summer, if you're still rocking your insulating winter socks the sweaty feet situation gets old quickly.

So, as the weather picks up, it's probably wise to start investing in some warm weather cycling socks like these.

They're good too. We had a review of them, and they ticked all the boxes.

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29% off Vittoria's 700x23 Zaffiro Tyres
WAS £6.99 | NOW £4.99

Vitoria Zaffiro Tyres.jpg

We've not given Vittoria's Zaffiro tyres their own special solo review, but they've featured on enough of the bikes we've reviewed for us to give you a decent idea of how they perform.

Our tech editor Mat Brett had the pleasure of rolling on a pair of these when he tested the Boardman Sport.

He called the Zaffiros a "good quality" tyre. He said they offered "a fine combination of grippiness and durability"

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23% off Hapog's AR Rear Pannier Bag
WAS £21.99 | NOW £16.99

AR Rear Pannier Bike Bag.jpg

Finally, if you're looking at this wonderful weather and seriously considering a complete commute to work, or undertaking the journey on a more regular basis, it might be time to start considering your luggage.

Pannier bags are a wonderful and convenient option, and you can get your hands on a decent bag right now at a bargain price over at Decathlon.

Of course, the idea of pannier bags is alien to you, you might want to check out our guide to racks and panniers below:

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