Great cycling deals on Colnago, Mavic and Panaracer

Today's DealCatcher features Colnago's excellent AC-R Disc road bike, Mavic Cosmic gloves & Panaracer tyres...

Some entry level carbon fun, a bargain pair of mitts and some tyres for you in today's DealCatcher!

The brands featured today, as you're probably already aware, are Colnago, Mavic and Panaracer, and the offers are coming at you from some pretty top retailers.

The 40% discount on the Colnago AC-R Disc is coming straight from Wiggle, and at this price, Colnago's entry level carbon model is quite appealing.

Following that number is Cycle Surgery. The deal doctors over there are offering Mavic's Cosmic Pro Gloves, which are perfect for this time of year, at a handy 40% discount.

Finally, Panaracer's highly rated Duro Evo 2 Tyres are buy-1-get-1-free over at Cycle Store right now.



40% off Colnago's 2016 AC-R Disc 105 Road Bike
WAS £3199.95 | NOW £1919.97

If you're looking to step up your race game within a reasonably tight budget this spring, Colnago's race-proven geometry could be an excellent way to go.

Colnago's wide performance experience has helped shape the frame, which offers streamlined performance with comfort and exemplary handling.

Shimano's excellent 105 drivetrain is a massive bonus too, if you're looking for incredible performance.

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Cycle Surgery

40% off Mavic's Cosmic Pro Glove
WAS £30.00 | NOW £18.00

If weight is such a factor for your performance that you'll cut grams at every opportunity, these stripped-down gloves may fit the bill.

While, yes, Mavic's Cosmic Pro Gloves are lightweight, the focus on performance isn't debilitatingly oppressive.

A mixture of three superlight fabrics, micro laser perforations, and lack of wriststrap lead to a beautiully ergonomic design and high performance value.

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Cycle Store

Buy-1-Get-1-Gree on Panaracer Duro Evo 2 Tyres
WAS £79.98 | NOW £39.99

All-season tyres are great for commuters.

For all-year riders, owning a pair of tyres that'll perform as well through winter as summer, and handle the autumnal road debris well, is vital.

Panaracer's top quality Duro Evo 2 tyres strike an excellent balance between lightweight and tough, and represent as good of a winter training option as they do a commuting option.

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