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Ricky Gervais struggling with basic bike maintenance (contains swearing)

Low tyre pressure, high blood pressure

Who among us hasn’t at some point been reduced to colourful language by some bike maintenance task or other? Ricky Gervais has set the bar pretty low however, and we suspect he has an awful lot of bicycle-related swearing ahead of him on this evidence.

The comedian was only trying to pump his tyre up.

His followers lent a hand. We’ll leave it to you to conclude which detail constituted advanced engineering.

Warming to his hash tag, Gervais then tweeted:

We’re not entirely sure, but it could be that cycling will be a part of his January fitness regime.

Alex has written for more cricket publications than the rest of the team combined. Despite the apparent evidence of this picture, he doesn't especially like cake.

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brooksby | 7 years ago
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So he knows how to use Twitter but not Google, eh? Glad he has his priorities in order...

OldRidgeback | 7 years ago
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I saw that on Twitter and thought about replying to him, but couldn't be arsed.

mattydubster | 7 years ago

When he gets his first puncture he'll go into meltdown.

handlebarcam | 7 years ago
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Great, that makes two things I care about - first atheism and now cycling - that David Brent will incessantly tweet about in a puerile manner designed to appeal to teenage boys. Lovely.

Simon E | 7 years ago

" it could be that cycling will be a part of his January fitness regime."

This inauspicious start suggests it may only last a couple of weeks.

However, he will subsequently use his experience with his bike (and possibly cycling if he gets that far) in a stand-up routine.

jova54 | 7 years ago
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The article starts off talking about some bloke called Ricky Gervais and then goes on to talk about a comedian having trouble pumping up a tyre.


Does anyone know who the comedian is?

beezus fufoon | 7 years ago

#cuntbike - the bike for #cunts




Language Timothy!

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