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Monkey Lights looking for funding via Kickstarter

You might like to think of them as light-up Spokey-Dokeys

Monkeylectric is looking to raise $220,000 via Kickstarter to fund the latest version of its Monkey Lights. At the time of writing, $70,000 has been raised with 28 days of the campaign still to run.

The spoke-mounted lights are said to offer visibility from all angles with the movement of the light further increasing visibility.

The firm is looking to produce three models. A10 lights are white at the front and red at the rear; the A15 gives the user different colour options; while the A30 adds patterns as well (stars, hearts, lightning, fireballs etc).

Sensors allow Monkey Lights to detect wheel rotation and light levels and switch on automatically – although the A10 and A15 lights also sport a conventional on-off mode if you for some reason don’t trust that.

The hub-mounted rechargeable battery is said to last for months of normal usage and you can easily pop it out and recharge via USB.

For $49, backers will get an ‘A10 Combo’ comprising front and rear versions of the basic light. Monkeylectric anticipate this package selling for $60 ordinarily. $58 gets you an ‘A15 Combo’ (retail price $70) and $95 gets you the ‘Earlybird: 2 x A30 Limited Edition’ (retail price $120).

Monkey Lights can also be bought individually. The plan is to start shipping in June or July 2017.

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