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Huge turbo trainer deals in the Decathlon DealCatcher Takeover

If you want to be in the saddle whatever the weather this winter a turbo trainer is the way to go - Decathlon has some incredible offers to help

If these dark evenings are giving you cause to search for silver linings and pick-me-ups, you've come to the right place. In today's DealCatcher we're worshiping at the alter of the turbo trainer, and Decathlon is here to help.

If you're unfamiliar with the rituals surrounding the wonderful contraption we shall affectionately call the turbo from here on out, then you should follow the link immediately below this introduction.

There you'll find six of the best reasons to use a turbo. We fully expect you to be a convert to the ways of the turbo by the time you've finished.

If you're already a disciple, let's continue to the meat of this article: Decathlon's fantastic turbo trainer deals!

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30% off Elite's Turbo Roteo Fluid Smart B+ Turbo Trainer
WAS £399.00 | NOW £279.99

Elite Turbo Roteo Fluid Smart B Direct Drive.jpg

What you see here as the Elite Roteo turbo trainer, we saw as the Elite Volano turbo trainer when it came our way for review. Same product; different names. No, we don't understand either.

Anyway, direct drive turbo trainers give riders a much more realistic cycling experience. They're often more expensive, but you'll see a lot less wear and tear to your bike if you use one.

We highlighted the Volano's affordability in our review, and Decathlon's discount today makes it even more so. A bargain if you're looking to take your riding indoors this winter.

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28% off Tacx's Flow Smart Turbo Trainer - T2200
WAS £249.99 | NOW £179.99

Tacx Flow Smart Turbo Trainer T2200.jpg

The Tacx Flow Smart Turbo is a different beast to the Elite turbo you saw above.

The Flow Smart uses a resistance unit - which is essentially a roller connected to a resistance motor - but the smart tag means it's a little more sophisticated than most.

By syncing your smartphone to the Flow Smart via Tacx's app you'll be able to control the unit's resistance and even programme it to follow specific programmes for a super realistic riding experience.

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29% off Tacx's Blue Motion Pro Pack Turbo Trainer
WAS £169.99 | NOW £119.99

Tacx Blue Motion Pro Pack Turbo Trainer.jpg

If you're a total newbie, Tacx's Blue Motion Pro Pack comes with a range of extra's that'll get you rolling (kinda).

The pack comes with £90 worth of free accessories; namely the Skyliner front wheel block for a slightly elevated riding angle and stability, an Etape du Tour training DVD, and a foldable training matt to stop your sweat getting on your carpet.

The trainer, meanwhile, is a HIgh Power Folding Magnetic Trainer, and offers 950 watts of resistance thanks to the 1.6kg flywheel in the resistance unit.

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20% off Decathlon's Turbo Trainer Accessories Bundle
WAS £44.97 | NOW £35.98

Decathlon Turbo Bundle.jpg

Finally, for those of you who want to add a little bit of extra usability and reliability to your turbo training set up this winter, Decathlon is offering a great little bundle of convenient extras and a fantastic 20% discount.

If you buy the Tacx handlebar tablet bracket - perfect for mid-session entertainment - Vittoria's Zaffiro Pro Turbo Trainer Tyre which'll keep your road tyres fresh for actual road riding, and the BTwin Sweat Catcher to protect your frame from corrosive sweat, you'll have access to the discount.

Bear in mind you'll have to add them all to your basket to activate the discount, the individual products are still full price.

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